This list is just a few services I offer.

1. Book Reviews
2. Beta Reader - as a beta reader I do the following.
I read the whole book all the way through then I will read the book the second time page by page making notes on the structure, characterization, dialogue, world building etc. I'll make sure your beginning, middle and end aren't dragging or become boring. I will also do some grammar correction. I will tell you the gods honest truth about what I think but that's what you are paying me for, right? For right now here is my pricing for beta reader:

1-50 pages $20.00
51-100 pages $50
101-300 pages $150
300+ pages $250

3. Advertisment - I have ad space available for authors and publishers. I have very good pricing and I get almost a 1,000 page views a day and that's not all me. hehe :) 

Average Pageviews per day 650+
Average Pageviews per month 19,000+

*I do not make the ads you have to get that done yourself at the correct size.

Pricing and sizes for blog right sidebar advertising:
The prices below includes links to your website or the buy link.

200x200 ($15.00 USD a month)
200x300 ($20.00 USD a month)
200 x 400 ($30.00 USD a month)
Side bar Banner 200x600 ($40.00 USD a month)

I will also offer trailer video advertising but the pricing will be different. Please contact me if you would like this type of advertising.

*At this time I only accept PayPal payments.
*I'll also give a special 3 month package. 20% off
*The prices above do not include the designing of the advertising button. I need a completed button please.

Please contact me at:

4. Virtual Assistant for Authors - I offer virtual assistant services to authors. At this time I do not have a full time position. So, I would be accepting full-time,  part time, package deals or pay by project deals.

If you are looking for a person for any of these services please contact me. You won't be sorry.


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