Sunday, May 29, 2011

I am going on vacation. Yay!!

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going out of country for vacation but I will still be able to get on the internet and will be checking my email and blog.

Make sure you come back for my Couples Giveaway Hop I have scheduled post to go up everyday. I'm going to be doing a feature of Eve Langlais (interview, excerpts, review, list of her books just in case you haven't seen them yet etc.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Celebrating 700 followers with a Mystery Giveaway - Winners

I 'm really excited about this giveaway because all my followers are very special to me and I've made some great friends. Now to the good stuff, the winners. Since we reached 790 followers I have added another winner to my giveaway. So we have to announce the 2 winners. 
Winner #1 is.....................................Kaity G.
Winner #2 is ....................................Brittany Gale 
These are mystery giveaways so all I need is your mailing address with in 48 hours.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review: Vampire

I am so happy to have signed up for this blog tour because the book was fantastic. Josie is a girl that dreams of having sex with a vampire. On her birthday she gets an invitation too go to this vampire party. Ends up she dates 2 vampires that are very different and one ends up being very dangerous.

I'm so glad I picked to review this book it was awesome and if you have a thing for vampires you must read this book. Any genre actually: paranormal, Urban fantasy etc. Please write back and tell me how much you liked or disliked the book.  

I can't wait to see what she has coming next. I give The Vampire Guide to Dating 5 stars. I read it in one sitting. You must read this book.

So far this is my favorite book of this year. I just love here writing style and it was something that you must read. It's a fun quick read and she takes Vampires to a whole new light. I' don't want to give to much away.
But, It's a story about a woman that constantly dreams of having sex with a vampire. Well she gets her wish and now she has 2 vampires to date. Turns out on is the bad vampire and one is the nice vampire. I LOVED this book and read it all in one day so I believe this is totally worth the money to buy this book. Here is a video from the authors website. This is a fast sexy read I finished this book in two day and it was totally original and believable. This book made laugh, Heat up I was sorry it ended so soon. I'd recommended this book to Paranormal Romance lovers. The dialogue was perfect swift and flowing.


Sexual Rating: 

Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Historical Romance Challenge - May


Hello Everyone,
It's time for the 5th month of our Historical Romance Reading Challenge. Each month I will post what the giveaway prize will be for that month and also attach a Mister Linky so you can post your reviews for everyone to see. I do check them all (btw). If you don't attach a review post of a book that you read in March, you will not be entered into the giveaway. Also, you need 12 reviews to be entered into the Grand Prize at the end. You can post more than one review for the month but you only get one entry into the giveaway. So, yes, you can catch up. 

This month's giveaway is a copoy of "Seducing an Angel" by Mary Balogh.

I will also be giving away a copy of "The Courtship Dance" by Candace Camp.

Don't forget about posting your review to be entered into the contest.

May's Monthly Book Giveaway

Hi Everybody,
I know I'm really late on posting. 
So for this months book giveaway I have 

Into the shadows by Christina Dodd & Never After by Laurell Hamilton

I hope you have a great week and I hope you will enjoy your books.

Entering is easy just comment with your name and email address and that's it :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

H.P. Mallory Books on Sale

I wanted to announce that all of H.P. Mallory's books are .99 each for the next four days only (on Nook and Kindle). If you haven't read any of her books now would be a great time she is a fantastic author. By the way I'm reading her book Toil and Trouble now. Here are a few of the books she has written.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: "Tenderfoot by Amy Tupper

by: Amy Tupper
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: ebook
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review
Published: April 2011 at Smashwords
Goodreads Blurb: 
TENDERFOOT is the first of four coming-of-age novels about a college girl struggling with the revelation of her family’s paranormal secret.

Jules is running. With the death of her mother behind her, she arrives at college in Chapel Hill ready to focus on friends, classes, and Andrew, the sweetest guy a girl could crush on. But Nick, the campus rock star, is always around, pressing every last one of her buttons. Things get strange when Nick plays his guitar, and even stranger when Jules discovers he wears a pendant identical to her dead mother’s. She wants answers. When her family's secret is revealed, Jules must choose between running away from the one person she has opened up to or running with him toward an unknown future.
Dary's Review:
This book really surprised me with how much I liked it.  I loved that the setting of the book was just getting to college, where you finally have that freedom from your parents, where anything is possible, and where you really start to figure out who you are.

Jules reserved demeanor didn't endear her to me at the start, but she won me over as she tried to fit in and embrace her new life.  Yes, at the start she just went along with Jade and her other friends, but it wasn't too long before she wasn't forcing herself to do so and took the lead in her friendships. 

I wasn't sure where the story would lead with Jules' discovery of her new senses.  I liked that the info was slowly doled out, so that we learned when Jules did and there wasn't the big info dump. 

I loved the romance with Andrew, it was so sweet and innocent.  Andrew's sneaky ways to ingratiate himself in her life had me smiling.  I also felt very sorry for him various times, he was up against things he didn't know and had no way of fighting.  But he did come through when it was important.

Nick is a character that I am not sure I like even knowing everything.  He is always there, knows too much, and a master manipulator.  It seems like he is looking out for Jules' best interest, but I am not sure, at times it seems like he has his own agenda.

Once character that I didn't expect to like or even see much of was Jules' father.  There were some conversations that had me tearing up and made me really like the man.  He was able to give Jules some great advice, but from the opposite side of the issue.

My one issue with the story was that it seemed like we were finally getting some answers when the book ended.  This just means that I will be waiting for the next book to see what happens!

Overall rating: 
Sex rating:

Monday, May 9, 2011

What I've been up too lately?

I'm sorry if things have been a little slow recently I've been extremely busy lately and I haven't been posting much but I have been getting caught up on my reading. I have read two 5 star books one that is for a book tour I'm participating in later this month. Keep an eye out during the next couple of days to catch my reviews because these are going to be must read books. 

I will also be posting about the monthly book giveaway and the Historical Romance Reading Challenge for May. So make sure you enter to win these giveaways. The posts will also be going up with in the next couple of days.

Finally, my 700 followers mystery prize giveaway ends May 15th and we only need 14 more followers to reach 800 and 3 winners in the giveaway.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog Tour featuring H.P. Mallory

I know its nearing the end of the blog tour and you all have probably heard a great deal about her fabulous books in the Dulcie O'Neil Series so I decided I would fresh things up a little and talk about how I came to fall in love with H.P. Mallory and her books. In fact, H.P. Mallory, is one of the best new authors I read in 2010.
Late last year, around August, I was asked to read and review one of her books, "Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble", and of course is was amazing. If you haven't read my review yet you must just click here.
Shortly after I reviewed the first book I had H.P. on my blog for a Author Spotlight. I would like to share a little of that with you now. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Sure, I'm 33 and I'm married and have a 17 month old son. I live in California although I lived in the UK for two years--Cambridge and Edinburgh, and that's where I was bitten by the writing bug!
 When and why did you begin writing?
I began while living in Cambridge, England and it was basically because I was living in such a magical place, I felt the need to be creative. You can't help but think of great stories when confronted with such awesome history!

What do you think makes a story great?
It has to be something that keeps you up late at night and something you can't put down--a page turner. And it really doesn't have to do anything with subject matter. As long as it's a page turner...

Now about "Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble:
If you could describe this book in one sentence what would it be?
The story of a woman finding herself and dealing along the way with love, fear, comedy and hope.
How did you come up with the title?
Love that you asked me this question! No one has asked this yet and it's from Macbeth. It's when the witches are chanting--they say: Double Double Toil and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble!
We all have to know. Who designed the cover?
LOL well, I did the design. I need to caveat this by saying I purchased the images and then added the Halloweeny backgrounds, changed hair and eye color and added the text in photoshop. Yay photoshop!

And my favorite question and answer was this one: (I'm so glad I gave her that chance and you need to too.)
Is there anything you want to say?
I just want to thank you and all my readers for giving my books a chance. I know there are so many choices out there for you all to read and it really means a lot to me when someone takes a chance on me!  

I am now reading Toil and Trouble its making me fall in love with her writing all over again I can't wait to read her Dulcie O'Neil Series. 

Thanks for stopping on my blog for the blog tour and its been great having you here.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Both winners of this month's book giveaway.

I am happy to announce the two winners we have this month for our monthly book giveaway.

The first book The Paid Companion was won by Melissa @ Books and Things.
The second book Wait Until Midnight was won by Vivien.

Congratulations ladies! Please email me with your mailing address' so that I can get your books to you. If I don't hear anything from you within 48 hours I'll have to pick a new winner.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Introduction of the 18 & cover Blog Hop with some great prices

Welcome to my blog. I am a adult and anything in these books are not apporpritot for minors. But I have some time I will listen to son play the  guitar. So I help him is help.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winner of my Historical Challenge for April!

I'm happy to announce the winner of my challenge giveaway.
Kylie @ Talking Teacups  
(Love your header by the way)

The ebook copy of "Torn Asunder" was donated by the author and I had the pleasure of reading this book and it was fantastic look for my review later and a author spotlight.

The beautiful bookmarks come from Miss Bohemia. You should check our her store.
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