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"A Bewitching Christmas" by Amanda J. Greene

"A Breach of Promise" by Victoria Vane
"A Brown Eyed Handsome Man" by Sable Hunter

"A Demon and Her Scot" by Eve Langlais
"A Demon and His Psycho" by Eve Langlais
"A Demon and His Witch" by Eve Langlais
"A Demon Does It Better" by Linda Wisdom
"A Hunter's Blade" by Cera Dubois
"A Lady and Her Magic" by Tammy Falkner
"A Light In the Darkness" by Various Authors
"A Man Worth Fighting For" by Sara Daniel
"A Mating Dance" by Lia Davis
"A Midsummer's Sin" by Natasha Blackthorne
"A Scarlet Past" by Evanne Lorraine
"A Super Spanking" by Louisa Bacio
"A Taste of You" by Sorcha Grace
"Accidental Abduction" by Eve Langlais
"Alpha" by Rachel Vincent

"The Alpha" by Annie Nicholas 
"Already Freakn' Mated" by Eve Langlais
"The Amaranth Enchantment" by Julie Berry
"An Apple Away" by Kate Richards
"An Era Apart" by Chris Lange
"And One Last Thing..." by Molly Harper
"Ascension" by Felicity Heaton
"Aura" by M.A. Abraham

"Backseat Saints" by Joshilyn Jackson
"Backstage Pass" by Olivia Cunning
"Bad Kitty" by Eliza Gayle
"Balls of Furry" by Celia Kyle
"Bayou Moon" by Ilona Andrews
"Beauty Touched the Beast" by Skye Warren
"Bedeviled Angel" by Annette Blair
"Beg for It" by Stacey Kennedy

"Beginnings" by Amber Kallyn
"Being Me" by Lisa Renee Jones
"Beloved Wizard" by Shannan Albright
"Bind Me" by Stacey Kennedy
"Blissfully Taken" by Red Phoenix
"Blood Avenged" by Gabrielle Bisset
"Blood Betrayed" by Gabrielle Bisset

"Blood by Midnight" by Jocelyn Drake, Terri Garey & Caris Roane
"Blood Mage Rising" by Tory Michaels
"Blood Prophecy" by Gabrielle Bisset
"Blood Rage" by Tory Michaels

"Blood Spirit" by Gabrielle Bisset
"Bloodstorm" by Amber Kallyn
"Blood Trinity" by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love
"Bonds of Justice" by Nalini Singh
"Breaking the Nexus" by Lindsay Avalon
"Brianna's Bewitching" by Selene Grace Silver
"Brie Bows to her Master" by Red Phoenix
"Brie Embraces Bondage" by Red Phoenix
"Brie on Display" by Red Phoenix
"Brie Surrender's to his Will" by Red Phoenix
"Bring On The Night" by Jeri Smith-Ready
"Brooke's Wish" by Sandra Bunino
"Bunny and the Bear" by Eve Langlais

"C791" by Eve Langlais
"Cake" by Lauren Dane
"Call of the Wilds" by Gale Stanley
"Caressed by Night" by Amanda J. Greene
"Carson's Night" by Tracey Cooper-Posey

"The Charmed" by Christine Wenrick
"The Charmed Souls " by Christine Wenrick
"C I N" by Christina Leigh Pritchard
"Claimed" by Stacey Kennedy
"Claimed by Dragons" by Amber Skyze & Katalina Leon

"The Cold Kiss of Death" by Suzanne McLeod
"The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu" by Michelle Franklin
"Cops and Cowboys" by Lora Leigh & Shiloh Walker
"Covet" by Felicity Heaton
"Coveted" by Shawntelle Madison
"Cowboy Tough" by Joanne Kennedy
"Coyote Blood" by Kris Norris
"Crash Into Me" by Tracy Wolff
"Crave" by Felicity Heaton
"Crazy" by Eve Langlais
"Croc and the Fox" by
"Cruel Enchantment" by Anya Bast

"Crushing Desire" by April Dawn
"Curse of the Wolf" by Danica Winters

"Daemon's Mark" by Caitlin Kittredge

"The Daemon Whisperer" by Candice Bundy
"Damian's Oracle" by Lizzy Ford
"Dangerous Designs" by Dale Mayer
"Dangerous Proposal" by Jessica Lauryn

"The Dark Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning
"Dark Peril" by Christine Feehan
"Dark Wolf Rising" by Rhyannon Byrd
"Date with Death" by Eve Langlais
"Daughter of the Dragon Princess" by Nina Croft
"Dead Sexy Dragon" by Lolita Lopez
"Deadly Design" by Dale Mayer
"Death Angel" by Linda Howard
"Death Wish" by Danielle Blachard Benson
"Delicious" by Shayla Black
"Deliver Me from Temptation" by Tes Hilaire
"Denied" by Kinley Baker
"Destiny" by Laura DeLuca
"Destiny Unveiled" by Laura DeLuca
"Devil in the Making" by Victoria Vane

"The Devil's Match" by Victoria Vane 
"Dirty As Sin" by Leanore Elliott

"The Dom with a Safeword" by Cari Silverwood, Leia Shaw, & Sorcha Black
"Double Plush Velvet" Leonore Elliot
"Double Time" by Olivia Cunning
"Dracula, My Love" by Syrie James
"Dragon Blues" by Edie Ramer
"Dragon Heat" by Ella J. Phoenix
"Dream Man" by Linda Howard
"Dual Abduction" by Eve Langlais
"Dusk Conspiracy" by Lakisha Spletzer

"Edge of Passion" by Tina Folsom
"Eighty Days Amber" by Vina Jackson
"Eighty Days Blue" by Vina Jackson
"Eighty Days Red" by Vina Jackson
"Eighty Days White" by Vina Jackson
"Eighty Days Yellow" by Vina Jackson
“Embracing My Submission (The Doms of Genesis #1)” by Jenna Jacob
"Enchained" by Chris Lange
"Enslave" by Felicity Heaton

"Enslaved" by Elisabeth Naughton
"Escape" by Kenya Wright
"Escaping Reality" by Lisa Renee Jones
"Eternal Desire" by Roxanne Rhoads
"Eternal Flame" by Valerie Twombly
"Excuse My Fairy" by Kinley Baker

"F814" by Eve Langlais
"Fairy in the Flesh" by Katalina Leon
"Fallen" by Elise Marion

"The Fallen: Raziel" by Kristina Douglas 
"Falling Stars" by Sadie Grubor
"Fantasy Mountain" by Piper Denna
“Fate's Wish” by Milly Taiden

"The Fetish Box" by Nicole Camden"The Fetish Box, Part Two " by Nicole Camden
"Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble" by H.P. Mallory

"Fire Inside" by Kristen Ashley
"Fire on the Island" by J.K. Hogan
"Friday Night Alibi" by Cassie Mae
"Forbidden Blood" by Felicity Heaton
"Forever" by Rebecca Royce

"For The Love of a God" by Rosanna Leo
"Frost" by Taryn Kincaid

"Frostbite" by Richelle Mead

"G is for Gigolo" by Malia Mallory
"Gabriel" by Chris Lange
"Genie Knows Best" by Judi Fennel
"The Ghost Hunter" by Lori Brighton
"Ghosts of The Falls" by Sarah Gilman
"Goddess in the Middle" by Stephanie Julian
"Grail Chase" by Dara Fogel

"Hallowed Eve" by Suza Kates
"He Ain't Lion" by Celia Kyle
"Hear Me" by Skye Warren
"Heart of Darkness" by Felicity Heaton
"Her Demonic Angel" by Felicity Heaton
“Her Master's Voice" by Vivien Sparx
"Her Mystery Duke" by Natasha Blackthorne
"Highland Guardian" by Melissa Mayhue
"Highland Surrender" by Tracy Brogan
"Highland Werewolf Wedding" by Terry Spear

"The Highlander's Heart" by Amanda Forester 
"His Need, Her Desire" by Malia Mallory
"His Scottish Pet" by Red Phoenix
"Honeymoon Bite" by Sharon Hamilton
"Hot Finish" by Erin McCarthy
"Hot Ticket" by Olivia Cunning
"How to Worship a Goddess" by Stephanie Julian
"Howl" by Cynthia Rayne
"Human and Freakn'" by Eve Langlais
"Hunger Embraced" by Jennifer James
"Hungerstorm" by Amber Kallyn
"Hunting Season" by Shelly Laurenston
"Hyde, an Urban Fantasy" by Lauren Stewart

"If I Were You" by Lisa Renee Jones

"The Immortal Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning
"Impulse" by Moira Rogers
"In Cassie's Corner" by Dale Mayer
"In Her Closet" by T. Harrison
"Infinity" by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"Intentional Abduction" by Eve Langlais
"Into The Crossfire" by Lisa Marie Rice

"Jaguar Fever" by Terry Spear
"Jungle Freakn’ Bride" by Eve Langlais

"Katrina, The Beginning" by Elizabeth Loraine
"Keyboards and Kink" by Various Authors
"Killbox" by Ann Aguirre

"The King's Lady" by Shannan Albright
"Kiss Of The Highlander" by Karen Moning
"Kissed by a Dark Prince" by Felicity Heaton

"The Knights Druid" by Shannan Albright
"Koishi" by Annie Nichoas

"Last Dragon Standing" by G.A. Aiken
"Last Regress" by Rachael J. Thorne
"Learning to Live" by Marissa Dobson
"Legend of the Highland Dragon" by Isabel Cooper
"Lightning" by Taryn Kincaid
"Like Falling" by Jaden Wilkes
“Lion Hearted” by Sommer Marsden
"Living Nightmare" by Shannon Butcher
"Lord Griffin's Prize" by Katalina Leon
“Loup-Garou For You" by Katalina Leon
"Love Slave for Two: Reunions" by Tymber Dalton
"Love Unscripted" by Tina Reber
"Love's Forbidden Flower" by Diane Rinella
"Loving Lies" by Lora Leigh
"Lucifer's Daughter" by Eve Langlais
"Lust and Bound" by W. Lynn Chantale
"Lusted in Las Vegas" by Sanadra Bunino

"Mark of the Witch" by Jessica Gibson
"Marooned in Miami" by Sandra Bunino
"Master and Apprentice" by Sonya Bateman
"Matched" by Ally Condie
"Mercenary Abduction" by Eve Langlais
"Mia's Submission" by Sandra Bunino
"Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides
"Midnight Revelations" by Lakisha Spletzer
"Miss Darcy Falls in Love" by Sharon Lathan
"Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie" by Samantha Grace
"Montana Dreams" by Jillian Hart
"More than a Fantasy" by Sara Daniel
"Mr. Buff" by April Angel
"My Familiar Stranger" by Victoria Danann

"Nauti #6 and Wild #4" by Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton

"The Nightlife: New York" by Travis Luedke
"The Nymph's Labyrinth" by Danica Winters

"Omega" by Susannah Sandlin
"One Night Stand " by Parker Kincaid
"Once Bitten Twice Dead" by Bianca D"Arc
"Once Burned" by Jeaniene Frost
"Open House" by Krystal Shannan
"Oracle Glass" by Judith Merkle Riley

"PA Expose" by Kristal Baird
"Painted Memories" by Loni Flowers
"Passion's Flight" by Shannan Albright
"Permanent Marker (The Kinky Truth)" by April Payne
"Phantom" by Laura DeLuca

"The Prince" by Tiffany Reisz
"Prince of Power" by Elisabeth Staab
"Prince of Wolves" by Quinn Loftis
"Prophecy of Blood" by Tory Michaels
"Public Displays of Eroticism" by Cassandra Carr, Jami Davenport and Cristal Ryder
"Public Relations for Authors" by Babs Hightower
"Pure & Sinful" by Killian McRae

"Queen of Shadows" by Diane Sulvan

"Raised by Wolves" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

"The Rake" by Mary Jo Putney
"Random" by Lark O'Neal
"Raven's Awakening" by Ella J. Phoenix
"Rebecca’s Lost Journals, Volume 1" by Lisa Renee Jones
"Redemption" by Elise Marion
"Redemption" by Erica Hayes
"Redemption in Blood" by Tara S. Wood
"Remedy Maker" by Sheri Fredricks
"Renegade" by Lora Leigh
"Restoring Love" by Marissa Dobson
"Revealing Us" by Lisa Renee Jones
"Revenge" by Dana Delamar
"Rocky Mountain Angel (Six Pack Ranch #4)" by Vivian Arend
"Rogue Rider" by Larissa Ione

"Ruined" by Kinley Baker
"The Ruins of Lace" by Iris Anthony 
"Rules of Entanglement" by Gina L. Maxwell

"Safe Surrender" by Kristin Daniels
"Safeword Quinacrindone" by Candace Blevins
"Sara's Smile" by Sandra Bunino
"Savage Hunger" by Terry Spear
"Save the Date" by Sadie Grubor
"Scarlet Night" by Megan J. Parker
"Seal of Destiny" by Traci Douglas
"Seduce" by Felicity Heaton
"Seduced in the Dark" by C.J. Roberts
"Seduction Throwdown" by Christie Cay
"Seven Nights to Forever" by Evangeline Collins
"Shades of Blood" by L.M. Pruitt
"Shades of Desire" by L.M. Pruitt
"Shades of Gray" by L.M. Pruitt
"Sharp Change" by Milly Taiden

"The Sheik Retold" by Victoria Vane & E.M. Hull
"Shifting Hearts" by Dominique Eastwick

"The Silver Chain" by Lia Davis
"Silver Mine" by Vivian Arend
"Sin Undone" by Larissa Ione
"Skinwalker's Woman" by Fran Lee

"The Short Life of Bree Tanner" by Stephenie Meyer
"Snowy Fate" by Marissa Dobson
"Softly at Sunrise" by Maya Banks
"Something Darker (Inferi Dii #1) " by S.A. Price
"Speak" by Lauire Halse Anderson 

"Spell of the Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning
"Steel Dominance" by Cari Silverwood
"Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens
“Stranded Temptation” by April Angel

“The Stranger (Just One Night #1)” by Kyra Davis
"The Strix" by Katalina Leon & Amber Skyze
"Succubus Blues" by Richelle Mead
"The Submission of a Mafia Princess" by Sandra Bunino
"Summer by the Sea" by Susan Wiggs
"Summer Surrender" by Bronwyn Green

"The Summoning" by Seraphina Donavan
"Supernaturally Kissed" by Stacey Kennedy
"Surrender the Dark" by L.A. Banks
"Swan and the Bear" by Eve Langlais
"Sweet As Sin" by Kenya Carlton
"Sweet Hell" by Rosanna Leo
"Swept" by Becca Lee Nyx
"Switch" by Megan Hart
"Symphony of Light and Winter" by Renea Mason

"Table for Five" by Susan Wiggs
"Take a Chance" by Eve Langlais
"Take it Like a Vamp" by Candace Havens
"Tall, Dark, and Vampire" by Sara Humphreys
"Taming Her Wolf" by Eve Langlais
"Temptation in a Kilt" by Victoria Robers
"Temptation Ridge" by Robyn Carr
"Tenderfoot" by Amy Tupper

"The Third Son (Kings of Cardenas #1)" by Elise Marion 
"Thrones of Desire" by Mitzi Szereto
"Thunder" by Taryn Kincaid
"To Sin with a Viking" by Michelle Willingham
"To Tame a Wild Hawk" by Lenore Wolfe 
"To Wed a Wicked Highlander" by Victoria Roberts
"Touch of Seduction" by Rhyannon Byrd
"Tracking the Tempest" by Nicole Peeker
"Trading Up" by Brindle Chase
"Transforming Love" by Debra Smith
"Troll-y Yours" by Sheri Fredricks
"The Trouble with Highlanders" by Mary Wine 
"True Highland Spirit" by Amanda Forester
"Turn Up the Heat" by Randi Alexander 
"Twice Bitten" by Chloe Neill
"The Twilight Saint" by Jessica Peno
"The Twin Dragons" by Rue Volley

"The Ulfric's Mate" by Leona Bushman
"Unclaimed" by Sarah Humphreys"Undone" by Sara Humphreys
"Unleashed" by Felicity Heaton
"Unravel Me" by Kendall Ryan
"Untamed" by Sara Humphreys

"Vampire Dreams Revamped" by Gabrielle Bisset
"The Vampire Queen's Servant" by Joey W. Hill
"The Vampire Relationship Guide: Secrets and Trust Vol. 2" by Evelyn Lafont
"The Vampire's Hope" by Danica Winters 
"Vanilla on Top" by C.J. Ellisson
"Venom" by Jennifer Estep
"The Virgin Huntress" by Victoria Vane
"The Virtuoso" by Grace Burrowe

"Wait for Dusk" by Jocelynn Drake
"Walking Disaster" by Jamie McGuire
"Waltz of Seduction" by Natasha Blackthorne 
"Water Bound" by Christine Feehan
"What a Goddess Wants" by Stephanie Julian
"Where Love Grows Wild" by Chasity Sinclair
"White Lace and Promises" by Natasha Blackthorne
"The Winter Sea" by Susanna Kearsley
"Witch Heart" by Anya Bast
"The Witches Dream" by Victoria Dannan
"Wither" by Lauren DeStefano 
"Wolf's Haven" by Ambrielle Kirk
"Wolfishly Yours" by Lydia Dare
"Word and Breath" by Susannah Noel
"Wounded" by Jasinda Wilder
"Wrecked" by Priscilla West
"Written in the Stars" by Sherrill Bodine & Patricia Rosemoor 
"Wunder Volume One" by A.R. Von
"Wynter’s Captive" by Milly Taiden



"You're Lion" by Celia Kyle

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