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Spooktacular Day 31: Spooky Interview & Giveaway with author Linda Poitevin

What kind of Halloween person are you? Dress up and party every year, give out candy maybe dressed up, or hide inside your house with the porch light off? I used to be a dress up and accompany the kids type, but now that they’ve all grown up, I’m a stay home and give out candy type. 

Do you decorate outside for Halloween? Do we!!! 

Are you a master pumpkin carver? I don’t know about master, but I do love taking on a challenge. 

Name 3 costumes you’ve worn and at what age. I was a madam at age 21; Mother Nature at age 45(ish); and a rather terrifying witch at some point in my 40s as well. Sorry, no pics for any of those!! 

Find a picture of a costume you love. Can I brag and show off a kid for this one? I used to make all my kids’ costumes and we had some great ones. One of my favorites was the one they all wore for their first-ever trick-or-treating:

Tell us the scariest thing that has ever happened to you and it doesn’t have to be Halloween related. Losing my youngest daughter at the movie theatre. She was only missing for a few minutes, but I swear I died a thousand deaths in that time. Not fun.

Do you like haunted houses or mazes? I’m a total wuss, so no haunted houses for me, lol! As for mazes, only if my youngest daughter is with me…she’s a whiz at finding her way through those things!

Do you believe in ghosts? Absolutely. 

What is your favorite Halloween tradition? Decorating the yard and handing out candy – I love watching the little kids work up the nerve to approach our front door. ;)

What is your favorite Halloween movie to watch or are you a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown sort? I feel the same way about horror movies as I do about haunted houses, I’m afraid, so it’s Charlie Brown all the way! 

Have you ever tricked instead of treated like toilet papering someone’s house or egging a person or house? Honestly? No. It just seems mean to do so. 

Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees? Still Charlie Brown!!! J

What’s your favorite Urban Legend? The one that terrified me most when I was younger was the story about the babysitter who kept getting prank calls from a creepy guy…and then realized the calls were coming from the other line in the same house. At the time, I wholeheartedly believed it and would nearly die whenever I was babysitting and the phone rang!

Linda is giving away a signed copy of the winner's choice of either book 1, Sins of the Angels, or book 2, Sins of the Son. Just leave a comment to enter with your email address.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooktacular Day 30: Guest post & Giveaway with author Kaily Hart

Dude. That pumpkin is sick.
I’m not sure what it is about Halloween, but I love it. Absolutely. Completely. And by far it’s my favorite holiday. I grew up in Australia where we didn’t celebrate Halloween, but as a kid we still got bombarded with all the American references. It was one of those things I always wanted to experience myself as a kid. Like Disneyland J. Well, now I’ve gotten to experience both, although probably a few (okay a lot) of years late. Halloween can be spooky or scary. It can be fun and playful. Or it can be whimsical. I think I love that flexibility the most. To a kid, Halloween can be whatever you want it to be. It’s a time for imaginations to go wild, for sugar levels to soar and for super late bedtimes, usually with a tummy ache. It’s the stuff of memorable childhoods. I love being able to share that with my kids and experience it through their eyes. It’s just pure fun.
I also tend to like the odd and unusual and that’s just the way I love my pumpkins. It’s such an icon of Halloween and I adore looking at the really unique, clever and unexpected designs you see circulating this time of year. Some people are really creative and have way too much time on their hands, I think LOL.
So…Why I like Halloween:
·         What’s not to love about a holiday that almost REQUIRES you to eat large amounts of candy?
·         What other time of the year can you get away with wearing well…just about anything you wouldn’t be caught dead in any other time of year.
·         Trick or treating! I always love the surprise on the faces of unsuspecting door openers when I hold out my bag LOL.
·         My evil mwwwwahahahahaha laugh isn’t so unusual this time of year.
·         Pumpkins. Duh. Hope you enjoy some of my favorites!
Why I hate Halloween, cause there’s always a flip side:
·         See #1 above. Hello hips J.
·         Oh crap. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Do I have enough time to drop the weight I put on during the week leading up to, and the week after, Halloween? No? That’s what I thought L. Downward slide from here, baby.
·         Peeps. People don’t really eat those things, do they?
About Kaily
Kaily Hart, a seemingly straight-laced mother of four, left corporate America and a high-powered, lucrative career to be a stay at home mom. Right… That lasted about four weeks, during which time she realized she had a deeply repressed dream—to write. And (gasp) romance at that! Who knew? By day, Kaily plays conservative wife and soccer mom, but at night crafts hot and steamy tales of romance and love with gorgeous heroes who wouldn’t dream of leaving the toilet set up. Ever. She’s smart and sassy, at least in her own mind, and is creating as many happy ever afters as she can, one hot story at a time. Kaily never would have thought she’d be doing this, but now that she is? Well, you couldn’t pay her enough to do anything else.

You can find out more information about all Kaily’s books here and read more about her latest release, RISE OF HOPE here.
If anyone would want to contact me (which I would love by the way) or just keep up with what I’m doing, you can find me all over:
Web –  

 Kaily is giving away a ebook copy of any book off her backlist to one lucky commenter. Just leave a meaningful comment and your email in case your the winner. 

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Review: "Open House" by Krystal Shannan

"Open House"
Author: Krystal Shannan
Series: Pool of Souls Book #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 60
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: October 19, 2012
Author's Website:

Buy Links: Amazon

Goodreads Blurb:
Intrinsically woven into the fabric of human existence, Aphrodite, Titan Goddess of Love and Passion, dedicates herself to matching soul mates.

Rebecca Carol and Robert Corvin missed their original chance to bond when Ares, God of War, took control of Robert's career ten years ago. Their souls have naturally pulled them back together for a second chance at love, but...How far will the gods go to get their own way?

Will divine influence create another perfect match or will it tear them apart forever?

I absolutely LOVED this book! It’s a short beautiful, satisfying read that is fun, funny and exciting with a perfect sensual and paranormal touch that any romance and paranormal reader (18 and over) will love!

Rebecca works for a realty agency in her home town and is about to take on possibly the biggest sale of her career. She’s very smart, pretty and lively and is determined to make this sale and show her boss how capable she really is. When she finds out who it is that’s looking to buy the beautiful home things become more intense and nerve racking for her. It’s been years since she’s seen her handsome math tutor. Will he recognize her and what will he think of what she has become?

Robert is a very good looking successful business man that’s looking to move back to his home town for various reasons. One of them is relocating his business. Finding the perfect real estate agent was a breeze after he found out the woman he has had feelings for since high school but never let it be known, works for a local agency. Making a specific request for her and only her, he anticipates seeing her again and hopes the fates are on his side.

Behind the scenes the gods really do have their hands in the outcome of many things. But when two of them are fighting against one another for the same thing, it gets a bit rough. Which one will come out on top in the long run?

I look forward to reading much more from Krystal Shannan. She created such excellent short with lovable characters, vivid settings and her writing is very fresh. I found myself hooked up until the very end and I bet you will too :)

Overall Rating:

Sex Rating:

Review: "Keyboards and Kink" by Various Authors

"Keyboards and Kink"
Author: Various Authors
Series: Olympus, Inc. #1.5
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: ebook
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: June 8, 2012 by Evernight Publishing

Buy Links: Amazon

Goodreads Blurb:
A night at home on the computer doesn’t have to be boring…

Feel like chatting? Or maybe doing something more daring? The stranger reaching out across cyberspace could be a creepy pervert, but what if he wasn’t? What if he’s a vampire, the sexy boy next door, or even your gorgeous boss? Thirteen tales explore all the delicious possibilities when online relationships lead to sexy encounters away from the keyboard.

A great collection of erotic, cyber, sensual, fun and completely satisfying reads that range from vanilla to extreme kink, human to paranormal. There really is a little of everything in here so hold tight and get ready for a wild... No make that 13 wild rides from 13 talented authors. Anyone that enjoys lots of heat and yummy goodness in their reads with LOVE Keyboards and Kink ;)

A sensual short that makes toy want to be in Mia’s shoes just to get a taste of what Asher has to offer. A perfect touch of BDSM that gets the reader just as excited as the characters within.

Immortal Game
A fun surprising and sensual read filled with love and laughs. When two people or immortals come together for the first time after five years of online communication all bets are OFF!

Changing the Rules
Since day one Ian wanted Jenny and Jenny wanted Ian. But rules are rules and rules state specifically no dating in the workplace. A fun quick read of how two people bend the rules.

Night Games
Cyber chats, pirates, erotic stories about vampire and more; are all a part of Ursula’s life. But when a reoccurring dream comes true, shock and lust take control.

The Stranger you Know
Meeting in a chat room can be nice. You really never know if the person is for real or not. When they finally want to meet you after months of getting to know one another, do you do it? Hayley and Ben do and boy does the chemistry flow!

Session Interrupted
When the only way two people can be intimate in any way shape or form is by using private chat sessions things can get extremely frustrating when each session is interrupted.

Type Dirty To Me
A simple game of online chess turns into scorching chat for Daria and Ian. Now what’s to come of them?

The Queen of Happy Endings
Starting up her own business by posting an ad on Craig’s list, Calliope’s life makes an incredible turn for the better and she really lives up to the name “The Queen of Happy Endings.”

Willing Her
Some online dating sites can be successful. When Jamie takes a shot in the dark (literally), she’s very glad she did!

A C.O.V.E.N Story
Beta testing for on online role playing game turns into more than just action and adventure for Beth.

Her Demon Charms
Finding love by using a cyber dating service due to a bet is not as easy as it seems. May has to find love in a set amount of time to win the bet. Is it possible?

All Night
A chat room for insomniacs brings much more than idle chatter for Melissa and her sleeping problems.

Lara’s Liaison
You never really know who you’re actually chatting with when in a chat room. Lara is in for a treat when she meets her online dream :)

Overall Rating:

Sex Rating:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Spooktacular Day 29: Spooky Interview & Giveaway with author Chastity Bush

What kind of Halloween person are you? Dress up and party every year, give out candy maybe dressed up, or hide inside your house with the porch light off?

I LOVE Halloween! It’s been my favorite holiday (behind Christmas) since I was a kid! I love to dress up and see all of the other creative costumes.

Do you decorate outside for Halloween?

Unfortunately, Halloween isn’t a big deal in the small town we live in and we don’t get many trick-or-treaters because we live in the country or I would decorate the house and yard, but I still love it, and to see all of the kids in their costumes.

Are you a master pumpkin carver?

I wish! We’re running a little behind in the pumpkin carving this year or I would send a picture of my horrific carving skills, or lack there of!

Name 3 costumes you’ve worn and at what age.

I’ve been a 1920’s flapper (Can’t quite remember how old I was, but I was just a kid), my grandma hand made the costume and it was really neat.  I’ve been a ghost when I was just a small child, of course who hasn’t poked some eyeholes in a sheet and wandered around the neighborhood, J and a skeleton. The skeleton was my favorite. I was about six years old. It was a black bodysuit with plastic glow-in-the-dark bones covering the outside. At the time I thought it was crazy awesome, and I still do!

Find a picture of a costume you love.

Tell us the scariest thing that has ever happened to you and it doesn’t have to be Halloween related.
There are actually a couple of scary things that happened to me. The scariest/serious one was when my daughter was six years old and had to have emergency surgery to have her appendix removed. This happened in the same month that my mom and dad divorced and the day after my grandmother’s funeral. It was just too much for me and I was terrified.

As for a funny scary moment, that one’s easy. I’m in bed asleep one night when I wake up with a weird feeling, like someone’s watching me. I open my eyes and see this shadow-person standing over me. Of course, I start screaming.
My husband jumps out of bed yelling, “What? What’s going on?” and flips on the light.
As it turns out, out daughter was sleep walking and came to a stop beside our bed.
She woke up with all of the screaming and looked at us like we were crazy and asked what was going on?
I told her, “Honey, you were sleepwalking and you scared me.”
She says, “Yeah, well, you scared me, too!”

Do you like haunted houses or mazes?

I love haunted houses! I’d go to one everyday if I could. I’ve never been in a maze, but would like to try one out.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Absolutely. There have been too many unexplained bumps, thumps, voices, and shadows moving in the houses I’ve lived in to pass it off as anything but ghosts.

What is your favorite Halloween tradition?

Dressing up to go trick-or-treating. I haven’t dressed up in the past few years, but my kids really get into it. Especially my eight year old. She LOVES Halloween. Her sister on the other hand just hit thirteen and thinks she’s too old to dress up now.

What is your favorite Halloween movie to watch or are you a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown sort?

OMG! I used to hate scary/horror flicks, but since my hubby and I have been together, I’ve come around and love them now. Come Halloween we have a little list we watch, and they’re not all really horror flicks, but still fit the holiday.

Our list:
The Underworld Series
Resident Evil Series
Shawn of the Dead
The Woman In Black (My Favorite!)
The Scream Series (my kids love!)
The Wolfman
Friday the 13th, (I like the remake)

Have you ever tricked instead of treated like toilet papering someone’s house or egging a person or house?

No, but honestly I wish I had! I feel like a prude. J

Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees?

Jason scared the stuffing out of me when I was a kid and he still does!

What’s your favorite Urban Legend?

Oh, geeze! There’s a ton of old stories I love, but my favorite is about the hitchhiking girl. I’m sure everyone’s heard it.

A young man sees a beautiful young woman hitchhiking in the dead of night and gives her a ride.
The next day he realizes she left her sweater in his car and takes it back to the house where he dropped her off. Only when he knocks and explains to the old woman who answers door how he got the sweater, she tells him, her daughter had one just like it but she died many, many years before on that same highway.

It’s one of the first “Scary” stories I ever read, and I think it will always be my favorite.

Thank you so very much for having me here today. The interview was a blast! I hope everyone has a wonderfully haunted Halloween!

 The man straddling the Harley was, in one word…juicy.

Adult novelty store owner Tina James loves a good adventure, and the man peering at her through onyx black eyes is the closest thing to adventure she’s ever come across. Unless of course, you count the mugging at gunpoint she experienced only hours earlier.

Leather clad Alex Monroe and his big bike just moved to number one on Tina’s sexiest man alive list, and with every searing kiss, every white hot caress, Tina finds herself living out her wildest fantasies with the man of her dreams.

But is it all too good to be true?

There’s something about Alex, from his unusual habit of only leaving the house at night, to his amazing speed and strength that has Tina wondering what exactly the man she’s falling head over heels for is hiding?

Meeting Tina James is the best thing that’s happened to Alex in the last five hundred years. She’s spunky, sassy, and beyond sexy.

But there’s a problem…or three.

Alex is a vampire, Tina’s a mortal, and he’s searching for a rogue vampire who just so happens to have his sights set on her as his next victim.

Now, not only does Alex have to find a way to tell the woman he loves what he is, he has to catch the killer before he loses her forever.

 Chastity is giving away a signed copy of Killer Kisses to one lucky commenter. This giveaway is US/Canada only. 

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Review: "Double Plush Velvet" by Leonore Elliot

"Double Plush Velvet"
Author: Leonore Elliot
Series: Velvet #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: ebook
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: October 5, 2012 by Wicked Muse Publishing
Author's Website:

Buy Links: Amazon

Goodreads Blurb:
“Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere…”

Meet Bren Plush, shy, a bit heavy and tired of her dreary life— When an irresistibly hot cowboy starts coming into the diner where she works, her world started to shift. How could she get his attention? Follow Bren through her obstacle-filled journey to win the man of her dreams and jump-start her life.

A short, sweet and different sort of romance by Leanore Elliot that gives off a real feel which many of us woman can relate to from one point or another in our lives. She wrote us a romance with humor, surprises and intense sexual attraction that can be felt through the pages. Hot cowboys, home cooking and a brand new meaning to M & M’s are just a few things that you’ll gain an appreciation for from reading Double Plush Velvet. I feel many fans of the romance genre and an all around great and touching story will enjoy this read.

Bren is a treasure of a woman. Tough, witty, smart, a touch shy and definitely determined. After months of admiring from a far and serving a hunk of a man that has yet to show interest in her and the need to have some… more in her life. She takes the plunge and goes to apply for a job opening on the farm where he works hoping for nothing but the best outcome. After all, she has nothing to lose but give it a try :)

Our hot cowboy is a man with a huge heart, lots of lickable muscles, and a taste for… sweets. He’s very family oriented and works very hard on the farm daily. He’s one man that’s chock full of glorious surprises for all to witness.

I LOVED all of the characters within. They each had their very own personality and added a perfect touch to it as a whole. Be prepared to be touched and possibly addicted to Bren’s story. I know I cannot wait for the next one to be released :)

Overall Rating:

Sex Rating:

Review: "Double Time" by Olivia Cunning

"Double Time"
Author: Olivia Cunning
Series: Sinners on Tour #3
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9781402271519
Source: Publisher in exchange for a honest review.
Published: November 1, 2012 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Author's Website:

Buy Links: Amazon

Goodreads Blurb:
Olivia Cunning delivers the perfect blend of steamy sex, heartwarming romance, and a wicked sense of humor in this menage story featuring the hottest guy in the Sinners band.

Trey Mills, the notoriously sexy Sinners rhythm guitarist, gives up his bisexual lifestyle and is swept into a hot, heady romance with Reagan Elliot, a female rock star sensation. But when Trey encounters Reagan's sexy bisexual roommate, Ethan Conner, he can no longer deny who he is or what he wants. Reagan heartily agrees to a solution that opens up a hot new world of sexual experience--and love--with the two men she wants the most.

My oh my! What an incredible read. I cannot believe I’ve not read Olivia Cunning’s work before this (Hand smack on forehead). It was very sensual, exciting, fun, funny, suspenseful, engrossing; endearing and I can go on with many more descriptions. This is the third book in the Sinner’s on Tour series and is perfectly fine as a stand alone if this is where you chose to start off in the series or just want to read it alone. Any erotic romance lover that has no objection to a ménage relationship and some M/M action will find great enjoyment to no end with Double Time!

Reagan is a musician that has a dream to make it big. Her father raised her as a musician and she has continued on, ok not the way he preferred her to go (he’s more the classical type), but it’s Reagan’s love and she took a shot in the dark by entering a contest to join a well known band and things take off pretty quickly from there. Reagan meets her fellow band mate’s brother (Trey) and they go for one very wild ride.
Trey is one of the sexiest characters I’ve… Read, EVER! He’s a rock star, has tattoos, piercing and throws off a sexual vibe that can be felt through the pages. He loves sex, he’ll take it any way and any where he can get it. Not stings, no commitments and no complications. Perfect, just the way he likes it. That’s until he meets Reagan the new rhythm guitarist of his brother’s band. She does something for him that he craves, but is it enough?
Ethan is Reagan’s room mate and ex-boyfriend. They’ve become very close friends when they were in a relationship and managed to stay that way. He’s a sexy ex-cop that now works as security where ever he can work. He’s also very bi-sexual and still has strong feelings for Reagan. But Reagan no longer looks at him in that way, she now has eyes for another. Little does she know that Ethan also has eyes for the same hottie sex on a stick that she does. Ethan also knows a secret of two about Reagan's new lover.
An excellent build up to a complete ménage relationship. I love the trio and have to say this is a very originally written ménage story that many will drool over. Double Time left me wanting much more of these fantastic characters, their antics and their futures.

Overall Rating:

Sex Rating:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooktacular Day 28: Spooky Interview & Giveaway with author Sara Daniel

What kind of Halloween person are you? Dress up and party every year, give out candy maybe dressed up, or hide inside your house with the porch light off?
I’m definitely a give out candy and maybe I’ll dress up kind of person.  My husband takes our kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, but I prefer to stay inside my warm house, simmer some chili on the stove and dole out handfuls of candy.

Do you decorate outside for Halloween?
I set out a couple pumpkins and gourds, and I have a ceramic jack-o-lantern inside the house that my great-grandmother made for me when I was a kid. I’m pretty low-key.

Are you a master pumpkin carver?
My husband is our family’s master pumpkin carver. You can see him here in this grainy shot matching his scary face with those of his masterpieces.

My kids are the master pumpkin guts scoopers, and as you can see here they like to have a bit of fun with it.

Me…well, I guess that leaves me as the master pumpkin seed baker or the master kitchen cleaner. Not exactly picture worthy!

Name 3 costumes you’ve worn and at what age.
My kids all wore this Winnie-the-Pooh costume, and now I’ve passed it down to my young nieces.

The first Halloween picture I have of myself is at 4 years old. I was a mouse, and my brother was a pumpkin. My mother is a wonderful seamstress and made both our costumes. She also made clown costumes for us a couple years later.

Find a picture of a costume you love.
This could have gone with the above question, but I really love this picture, so I’m putting it here! When I was eight, my mother made matching bunny costumes for my little brother, baby sister and me. Aren’t we adorable?!

Do you like haunted houses or mazes?
Okay, I’m a total wimp and don’t like to be scared. I can take a mildly scary haunted house, but I much prefer to avoid them. I really enjoy a corn maze hike in the daylight, but at night I am so disoriented that all I can do is blindly follow the rest of the people in my party with no idea of where we’re going or what’s going on.

Do you believe in ghosts?
I never used to, but the more paranormal stories I read and the older I get, the more open I am to anything. I certainly don’t expect a ghost to jump out at me and yell “Boo!” But to think that my understanding of existence is the only possibility seems pretty narrow-minded.

What is your favorite Halloween tradition?
This leads back to the first question. I also help out with my kids’ school parties. After we come home, they’re crazy-hyper, and I’m in an over-stimulated stupor. They go out to bag more candy from the neighbors, and I veg at home, shaking my head in amazement at the superpowers of teachers and anyone else who can manage a classroom for more than ninety seconds.

What is your favorite Halloween movie to watch or are you a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown sort?
I’m totally a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown sort. I don’t like anything scary! But give me something with a lot of heart with good relationship drama, and I’ll eat it up!

Latest release from Sara Daniel:
The Wiccan Haus: Psychic Lies
Fiona has spent her life hiding her sexual mind-reading power at the risk of being exploited by the government. Instead, she pretends to have lifebond vetting powers like the rest of her family. When her fake power results in the death of an innocent woman, her life of lies unravels and she retreats to the Wiccan Haus.

Armando is the head of the Department of Truth-Finding for the Syndicate. To prove his unit’s worth to the government, he follows Fiona to the Wiccan Haus to expose her as an infiltrator of an enemy faction. The truth about Fiona is even more valuable to his people and his career.

Fiona uses her power to seduce Armando and stop his plans to betray her. But nothing is strong enough to keep her from falling in love with this man whose power threatens to destroy her. Now she must trust him, not only with her life and her psychic lies, but also her heart.

 Sara is giving away a ebook copy of "A Man Worth Fighting For". Just leave a comment with your email address so I can contact the winner. This giveaway is international. 

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