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Review: "Table for Five" by Susan Wiggs

Table For Five"Table for Five"  
by Susan Wiggs
Author's Website:
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 464
ISBN: 9780778322863
Published: April 2006 by Mira

Goodreads Blurb:
When Derek and Crystal Maguire are killed in a car accident, their three children are left to be raised by their designated guardians--Lily Robinson and Sean McGuire. Brought together by tragedy, the two strangers are joined in grief and their mutual love for these orphaned children. Sean and Lily are about to embark on the journey of ups and downs, patience and understanding that makes a family. And along the way they will find a future filled with hope, happiness and the certainty that love is the best choice of all.

Darcy's Review:
When this book starts out you meet Crystal and Derek, neither one of them is very likable, they are so wrapped up in their own issues that they can't see what is wrong with their kids, even when Crystal's best friend and one of the kids teachers tries to point things out.

Next thing we see is the kids at home, after being forgotten about. They are all mad, and as the night goes on you are mad along with them. Then somehow there is a subtle change, you really aren't sure what it is, but the dread sneaks up on you, with each page is gets worse and worse, until you know what is going to happen, but you are really hoping and praying that it won't. Then it does.....and the whole world changes for everyone.

What happens next is very predictable, but as you read it doesn't seem to matter, these characters suck you in. You really want them to be ok, but how does someone bounce back from something like this. Well the answer is you don't, an event like this will leave it's mark on you forever, the best you can hope for is to pull yourself back into some semblance of a life that will work for you in these new circumstances. And that is just what all 5 of these people do. Each of them has their own issues, things from the past that make it hard to deal with the present, but once each and every one of them faces those things and secrets left over they will find they are in a good place. Yes things will never be the same, but happiness can be found again.

This review was written by my friend Darcy at Goodreads.
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