Saturday, April 9, 2011

April's Monthly Book Giveaway

I know its coming out late this month so please forgive me. To make up for my lateness the monthly book giveaway this month is going to have 2 winners. I have two used Amanda Quick books to give away in good condition. 
*The first winner gets to chose which they would prefer and the second winner gets the book that is left. 
*Drawings will be held on May 1st.
*This month giveaway is available to US only.
*All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this post. 
* Good Luck!

Goodreads Blurb for "Wait Until Midnight":
"The sins of Adam Hardesty's past have been discovered. And if he does not hunt down his blackmailer quickly, his secrets will be revealed to all... But there is an obstacle in his way: sensation novelist Caroline Fordyce. She knows that Adam's quest for justice could shatter her own reputation - and mire her family in lethal scandal. And she fears what he may find. Together, they will navigate the shadow side of London, venturing into an underworld of cutthroats, connivers, and illusionists. And as the mystery grows ever deeper and the danger circles ever closer, they must guard not only their secrets but their lives..."

 Goodreads Blurb for "The Paid Companion":
The Earl of St. Merryn needs a woman. His intentions are purely practical - he simply wants someone sensible and suitably lovely to pose as his betrothed for a few weeks among polite society. He has his own agenda to pursue, and a false fianc e will keep the husband-hunters at bay while he goes about his business. The easiest solution is to hire a paid companion.

However, finding the right candidate proves more of a challenge than he expected - until he encounters Miss Elenora Lodge. Her dowdy attire and pinned-up hair cannot hide her fine figure and the fire in her golden eyes. And her unfortunate circumstances, and dreams of a life of independence, make the Earl's generous offer undeniably appealing.

But Elenora is unsure what this masquerade might entail. For St. Merryn is clearly hiding a secret or two, and things seem oddly amiss in
his gloomy Rain Street home. She is soon to discover that his secrets are even darker than his decor, and that this lark will be a far more dangerous adventure than she's been led to believe. And Arthur, Earl of St. Merryn, is making a discovery as well: that the meek and mild companion he"d initially envisioned has become, in reality, a partner in his quest to catch a killer - and an outspoken belle of the ball who stirs a wild passion in his practical heart.


Carol L. said...

Thanks for the giveaway. GFC follower under Lucky47.
Carol L

Mary @SweepingMe said...

Sorry about the confusion. I think it's my PC. I can see it now. Weird.

Thanks for your help.

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