Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: "Tenderfoot by Amy Tupper

by: Amy Tupper
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: ebook
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review
Published: April 2011 at Smashwords
Goodreads Blurb: 
TENDERFOOT is the first of four coming-of-age novels about a college girl struggling with the revelation of her family’s paranormal secret.

Jules is running. With the death of her mother behind her, she arrives at college in Chapel Hill ready to focus on friends, classes, and Andrew, the sweetest guy a girl could crush on. But Nick, the campus rock star, is always around, pressing every last one of her buttons. Things get strange when Nick plays his guitar, and even stranger when Jules discovers he wears a pendant identical to her dead mother’s. She wants answers. When her family's secret is revealed, Jules must choose between running away from the one person she has opened up to or running with him toward an unknown future.
Dary's Review:
This book really surprised me with how much I liked it.  I loved that the setting of the book was just getting to college, where you finally have that freedom from your parents, where anything is possible, and where you really start to figure out who you are.

Jules reserved demeanor didn't endear her to me at the start, but she won me over as she tried to fit in and embrace her new life.  Yes, at the start she just went along with Jade and her other friends, but it wasn't too long before she wasn't forcing herself to do so and took the lead in her friendships. 

I wasn't sure where the story would lead with Jules' discovery of her new senses.  I liked that the info was slowly doled out, so that we learned when Jules did and there wasn't the big info dump. 

I loved the romance with Andrew, it was so sweet and innocent.  Andrew's sneaky ways to ingratiate himself in her life had me smiling.  I also felt very sorry for him various times, he was up against things he didn't know and had no way of fighting.  But he did come through when it was important.

Nick is a character that I am not sure I like even knowing everything.  He is always there, knows too much, and a master manipulator.  It seems like he is looking out for Jules' best interest, but I am not sure, at times it seems like he has his own agenda.

Once character that I didn't expect to like or even see much of was Jules' father.  There were some conversations that had me tearing up and made me really like the man.  He was able to give Jules some great advice, but from the opposite side of the issue.

My one issue with the story was that it seemed like we were finally getting some answers when the book ended.  This just means that I will be waiting for the next book to see what happens!

Overall rating: 
Sex rating:


bittenbyromance said...

So, this turned out to be adult. They should make the cover reflect the book more.

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