Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Tour: "Blind to Men" by Chris Lange

Hi all and welcome to lovely Danielle's blog,

My name is Chris Lange and I am a cheeky girl. If you've followed my blog tour so far, you already know BLIND TO MEN is an erotic fantasy story about a young farm girl who has been cursed at birth and can't see men. Protected by the ugliest Amazon she's ever seen, she sets off to the legendary city of Palance. So today, I thought I'd ask myself a few questions.

- Who's my favorite character in the book and why?
I like Anya a lot because I find her funny, which is to say I have a slight tendency to entertain myself. And Kylor? Let's just say I often dream about Kylor the warrior wielding his big sword.

- What would I have done differently if I had been the main character of my book?
Nothing. I am the main character, except maybe during love scenes.

- What was my wildest thought when writing this book?
Somebody get me a sword!

- Did I have any kinky thoughts while writing?
Oh, boy!

- If Kylor showed up at my door one morning, what would I say to him?
"Please, get me on that white horse of yours and take me away!"

I had good laughs when I was writing BLIND TO MEN and I think this particular story will always be one of my favorites.

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Thank you Danielle for receiving me today, it's been great!
Now my blog tour continues at where I'll be talking to Vanessa on April 10th. Come along!

Chris Lange


Lorie said...

I really enjoyed this book, if you have not read this story yet you really should. Chris, I always get a giggle when you mention Kylor wielding his big sword.;)

Mel B said...

I am going to have to get this one! I love the concept!
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

chris lange said...

My next stop is Tuesday April 10th The Jeep Diva. See you there!
Kylor and his big sword... lol


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