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Review: "Brianna's Bewitching" by Selene Grace Silver

"Brianna's Bewitching"
Author: Selene Grace Silver
Genre: Contemporary, YA
Pages: 120
Source: Authur in exchange for a honest review.
Published: March 10, 2003
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Goodreads Blurb:
It’s 1977 and Brianna Marston is a feminist finishing up her final university courses. She’s a little bit wild, but isn’t that what being young and free is all about? It’s a new age for women and she intends to reap the benefits that new status provides her. She’s focused on developing a rewarding career and finding an adventurous lover. She’s also a witch-in-training. Her inherited powers are growing faster than her skill though. She’s not sure if one of her reality shifting spells is the reason she’s become the love interest of one LAPD officer.

Jack Ross never does anything without a well-thought out plan. On track to make detective within the year, he’s lined up a perfect woman to be his wife and raise their children. She’s thoughtful, gracious, and lovely to look at, and best of all, she’s not one of those radical bra burning feminists. She desires a traditional life as a wife and mother. If he doesn’t exactly love her yet, he’s sure that he will once they marry. He’s never been in love and it seems to him that it’s as easy to love one attractive woman as another. Then one unruly, mouthy blonde lands in his arms, disrupting all his carefully-laid plans.

Brianna is a 20 year-old feminist, witch-in-training. She has inherited powers that she’s not particularly skilled in. Just finishing college, Brianna is now looking forward to becoming an independent career woman, as well as finding an adventurous lover – as she has little experience in this area.

Jack is a 29 year-old police officer with a more traditional value system. He has his life figured out; he wants to settle down with the perfect woman and begin a family. He’s ready to put plans into action with Melanie, the woman he’s been dating who meets all of his old-fashioned requirements, though he’s not really in love with.....yet. He believes that will come after they marry.

Jack is not thrilled to be policing a women's rights rally in downtown Los Angeles in 1977, as it goes against his traditionalist beliefs. Brianna, however, is brazenly participating in this rally, stripping off her shirt and bra when she falls into the arms of one very upset police officer.

For the most part, I liked the story. It was a cute, short read that I finished within a several hours. But I will warn you, it is a cliffhanger ending so be prepared to read this story as part of a series. One thing I’m not especially fond of is insta-love stories, but hey, I guess it could happen (this is fiction after all). Love in this story develops too fast for my liking. I don’t especially like to include spoilers in my reviews, but to make my point on the insta-love I thought I would give just one example (though there are many).

************************Spoiler alert********************

Within an hour of meeting Brianna, Jack thinks, “He wouldn’t admit to loving Brianna yet. He’d only known her an hour, but he knew that he was falling in love for the first time.” WOW, is that fast or what?

************End of Spoiler*******************************

There are a couple of writing errors that were kind of distracting for me. For instance, Jack’s girlfriend’s name is Melanie, but at 53% she is referred to as Maryann–more than once– and then at 92%, Brianna (the heroine and whose name is in the title), is referred to as Bianca. I had to reread the sentences before and after these mistakes to make sure I hadn’t missed a character. Other than that and very few spelling errors, I enjoyed the authors writing style. It’s very descript and flows well.

This story is a light read with situations between the H and h that kept me interested right up until the end. If you’re a romantic and are looking for a funny, adventurous read, give this one a try.

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