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"To Love and Serve" by Caridad Pineiro Tour

I know you get asked this question over and over but can you tell us a little about yourself? Maybe something juicy. ;)

LOL!  Yes, I do get that answer a lot.  As for me, I’m just an average woman who likes to have fun with her family and friends.  I love chocolate, taking strolls along the boardwalk, doing crafts, cooking, working out, reading and of course writing.  As for the juicy bits – when I get together with some special friends, I always convince them to something out-of-the –ordinary, like taking a pole dancing class or visiting an adult toy shop.  For research of course!  I’m already thinking about our next fun outing.

When did you first start writing? Are you a full time author or do you do it on the side?

I wrote my first book in the fifth grade and have been writing ever since.  I still have my full-time job while I write.  I like what I do, but I would love to have more time to write.

Do you have an author that has really inspired you?

I was first inspired by the Bronte sisters and then by Taylor Caldwell.  Fabulous historical authors like Kathleen Woodiwiss showed me that my path in writing was to write romance.  Now there are many authors whose work challenges me to better.

How long does it normally take you to write an average book or your last book?

It normally takes me 4 to 6 months for a single title book and 2 to 3 months for a shorter category length book.  TO LOVE AND SERVE took longer because it’s such a pivotal book in Ryder and Diana’s story and I wanted it to be something really special for follows of THE CALLING/REBORN series and also something that would hook new readers who want to see what happens with these two very special people

What do you think makes a story great?

Emotion and characters that I feel are real.

Can you describe your book "" in one sentence?

Could you choose eternal life with the love of your life if it meant losing everything else you hold dear?

Tell us a little about your new series THE REBORN.

THE REBORN Vampire series is a continuation of critically acclaimed THE CALLING series.  It’s been REBORN because I am finally able to take the series in the direction that I had first envisioned when I developed it.  That means you’ll see lots of familiar and popular characters and a new story arc for them.  But it is also standalone so you’ll be able to jump into this very emotional and action-packed paranormal suspense series.

Have you done lots of research for your books or do the stories just come to you?

I’ve done a lot of research into vampire mythologies so I could craft my mythology and also offer new kinds of stories to readers, like chupacabra  and chiang-shi stories, or a goddess story like in FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE.  I’ve also done a lot of research about the location, New York City, because I want to show readers some really neat and different places that even NYC locals would not know about.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a novella in THE REBORN series and the story arc for the next full-length book in the series.  I am also working on the story arc for the next book in the Gambling for Love series (THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE and TO CATCH A PRINCESS).  I’m excited about who will be the hero in that book!

Can you tell us about some of your prior achievements?
I’ve been nominated for a number of awards and have appeared on radio and television.  One of my most exciting achievements is having my paranormal romance, THE LOST, nominated for the 2012 RITA award.  The RITAs are like the OSCARs of the romance world, so it was very very exciting.

Is there anything that I didn't cover that you would like to talk about or say to your potential readers?

I love hearing from readers and chat with the all the time via e-mail and social media.  I also love hearing what they are up to and meeting them face-to-face when I can.

Just for fun:
Hardback or Paperback?   Paperback
Dog ears or Bookmarks?   Dog ears
YA novels or Adult novels? Adult
Library or Bookstore? Both
Reading glasses or No glasses?  OMG!  I plead the fifth.
Snack while reading or No snacks?   Snacks
Beach or Mountain?  Beach
Vampire or Werewolf?  Do I have to choose?  Ok, vampire.
Hot or Flirty? flirty
Movie 1st or Book 1st? Movie 1st
Contemporary or Historical?  Contemporary
Page-Turner or Tear Jerker? Page turner

Ryder had hoped by now Diana would understand it was no longer a case of her world versus his, not only because of her physical condition, but because of the emotions she kept bottled inside. Emotions too similar to the loss and loneliness he'd battled over the centuries. He could help her handle them if she left her human world behind and joined him in his world.

He lifted his hands to her back and urged her forward.

She didn’t fight him, but slid her body upward along his. Resting her hands on his shoulders and bending toward him, she begged against his lips, “Please, Ryder.”

He shifted his hand to rest in the gap between her breasts, feeling her heart race. A solid, speedy beat that testified to her passion, not the fragile flutter that told him she needed a treatment.

“You are all that matters to me,” he said. “Do you think I can stand by and do nothing to keep you with me?”

She sighed and the warmth of her breath bathed his lips. “You make this too hard.”

But her words were followed by the brush of her lips against his. He savored the love in that kiss.

He opened his mouth, accepting her urgent kiss, groaning at the press of her body along the length of his. Relishing every lean hollow and soft curve pillowed into him.

She licked the edge of his lips with her tongue, then dipped it in to taste him. To run it along the edges of his teeth, where she’d find no hint of the vampire. For now, he wanted to share his humanity.

Reaching between their bodies, he cupped her breast and swiped his thumb across the beaded tip.

Taking it between his thumb and forefinger, he kneaded it into an even harder peak while he slid his other hand beneath the edge of her camisole.

With a quick surge, he yanked it over her head, freeing her breasts so he could touch them. He tweaked her nipples with his fingers, earning a strangled moan from her.

“Ryder,” she breathed huskily against his lips.

He pulled away from her kiss to whisper in her ear, “Tell me what you want, darlin’.”

She shivered with desire and he knew he would give her whatever she asked.

Sitting up slightly, she stared down at him, cupped her breasts and said, “I want your mouth on me.”

A long shudder ripped across his body and his vamp senses picked up on the answering pulse between her legs. He covered her hands with his, rose, and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting while he caressed her other breast with his fingers. She trembled and raked her fingers through his hair, holding him close, shifted her hips against his body, insistent in her need.

He was so hard it was almost painful, but he didn’t want to rush the moment. He sensed it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge. Tempering his caresses, he lay back down, toying with her breasts, and asked, “What else do you want?”

She bit her full bottom lip. A becoming and blessedly healthy flush worked across her cheeks. “I want you to kiss me. Down there.”

-The End


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