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Review Carson's Night (The Stonebrood Saga #1) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

"Carson's Night"
18801590Author: Tracy Cooper-Posey
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 58
Source: Author for honest review
Published: November 22, 2013
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Goodreads Blurb:
It’s August 1977 in New York city and the stunning new Star Wars movie is smashing all box office records.

The weird sculptor Moss Alex Meinhardt lies dead at the foot of an ugly gargoyle he’s half-completed. Natalia Grey’s demon hunter father is also dead and his new partner, the astonishingly sexy Carson Connors, can’t remember how it happened. Carson isn’t sure what role he has played in Natalia’s father’s death, but after one look at Natalia, he does know that guilty or not, he’s doomed.

Vampire lovers, Nick and Damian, have been tracking the Stonebrood clan for nearly a century. When Damian is slashed by one of the clan and barely survives, Nick encourages Tally takes up her father’s sword and her heritage as a demon hunter.

Tally learns that the gargoyles Meinhardt carved have been brought to a life they should not have without the help of dark forces she and Carson must defeat — once the gargoyles have risen. But the night is hours away yet, giving time for Tally and Carson to explore their explosive feelings for each other.

What happened to Carson during the night Tally’s father died and what will happen tonight?

Warning: This story features multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, light bondage and the use of sex toys. Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.
No vampires or demon hunters came to harm in the making of this book. Gargoyles have been added to the official hunt list, however…

My Review:
Carson's Night is an original erotic paranormal short that many fans will enjoy!

Natalia just found out her father has passed away and she must take his place as a Hunter. She's not had time to morn his death or investigate.  She MUST find his killer and get revenge. What she ends up getting is so much more than expected. Thanks to her long time friends Damion and Nick. She gets a push in the right direction along with some guidance and much needed back-up. But will her choices be even close to the right ones?

I really enjoyed this story. It was VERY sexy and different (I'm always looking for something different to read). But it left me overly wanting. I just hope the next in the series picks up right from where it left off!

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