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Guest Post: "Amazon Heat" by Rayna Vausee

Today I have Rayna Vausee and Melinda Leigh on my blog talking about love lost and found again. So lets give a warm welcome to Rayna and Melinda.

Your eyes meet across a crowded room, and it’s like a lightning strike. Your breath dams in your throat, your heart races, and you feel your body get warm. Love at first site, that magical connection, the instant chemistry, is a fun and common idea to explore in romance novels.

However, there’s something about love lost then found again that is really appealing.

In Amazon Heat, we tell the story of two lovers who are reunited after two years apart. From a writing standpoint, when crafting a novella, reunited lovers can be very effective because the relationship is already established.  You don’t necessarily have the space to show the development. On the romance side, it sure gives us the warm fuzzies to think of love enduring despite distance, either emotional or physical. We really loved the idea of a couple finding their way back to each other, learning from their mistakes and forging a new path together. That’s what our main characters, Elizabeth and Logan, do in Amazon Heat. Logan never loses hope of finding Elizabeth, who has been missing for two years. Elizabeth, regretting the way their relationship ended, always hoped to find her way back to Logan. Both characters never stopped loving the other, but it took two years and one dangerous adventure for them to earn their happily ever after. Their soul-wrenching time apart, bittersweet reunion, and the terrible prospect of losing each other all over again were all necessary to fuel the growth and change in the characters in order for their love to conquer over their personal demons. Sometimes, people just have to learn life’s lessons the hard way.

So let me tell you a little more about Amazon Heat and trials of Dr. Elizabeth DeMarco and Dr. Logan Spencer.

AMAZON HEAT, released January 9th from Carina Press, is the product of an accidental collaboration between Melinda Leigh and Rayna Vause. They’re both hooked on co-writing and have already begun working on the sequel.
Two years ago, ethnobotanist Dr. Elizabeth DeMarco, driven by grief to find a cure for cancer, left her lover mid-proposal to accept a position on a research expedition to the Amazon Rainforest. Kidnapped by guerrillas, she was saved by warriors from the secret all-female civilization of the ancient Amazons. She has been kept prisoner since in the Amazon’s supernaturally hidden valley.
Despite Elizabeth’s rejection, anthropologist Logan Spencer never stopped searching for her.  While consulting on a mass grave uncovered in the remote Brazilian interior near the place Elizabeth was kidnapped, Logan falls from a cliff.  On the brink of death, he is collected by the Amazons and magically healed. When Logan wakes, the first person he sees is his beloved Elizabeth.  Unfortunately, their reunion is less than joyful. The mystical medicine is changing Logan.  But there’s no time to study the side-effects. The Amazons plan to steal Logan’s DNA, then kill him.  Logan and Elizabeth must escape before dawn or Logan is doomed.  Getting him out of the hidden valley won’t be easy.  The Amazon’s supernatural powers make the task all but impossible.
Buy it at: Carina Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance EBooks

Melinda Leigh is a mom, a dog lover, and a second degree black belt in kenpo karate. In addition to writing paranormal romance for Carina Press, she is also the author of She Can Run, a kindle bestselling romantic suspense released in November 2011 from Montlake Romance. Find out more Melinda: website / facebook / twitter

Rayna Vause is fascinated by the paranormal and she loves a good romance as well, which probably explains why these two elements perpetually crop up in her writing. When she takes off her writer hat she is a martial artist, video game lover, Disney enthusiast, and a Pop Tart aficionado.  Find out more about Rayna:  website / facebook / twitter

Melinda and Rayna blog together at


Melinda Leigh said...

I'm thrilled to be here celebrating the release of Amazon Heat. Thanks to the Romance Book Junkie for hosting us today!

Rayna Vause said...

Thank you so much to Romance Book Junkies for having us here today and letting us share a bit about our book.

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