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Review: "Word and Breath" by Susannah Noel

"Word and Breath"
Author: Susannah Noel
Series: Wordless Chronicles #1
Genre: Dystopian, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781479103430
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: August 31, 2012
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Goodreads Blurb:
Riana has learned how to stay out of trouble. She spends her days studying written texts in the government’s Office of Readers, and she spends her nights taking care of her sick sister. She always—always—follows the rules. Despite her low profile, she has mysteriously become a target. Someone has kidnapped her sister. Someone else is trying to kill her. And someone has sent a Soul-Breather to beguile her out of her secrets.

Her help comes from the mythic leader of an underground rebel movement. A man who used to be her friend. A man who has silently loved her for years. He disappeared from her life without a word, and now he expects her to trust him again.

Then there’s the Soul-Breather, a man who can taste her spirit with only a touch. He makes her feel things she’s never experienced before, but she doesn’t know if the feelings are real. Hired to deceive and betray her, he offers to help her instead.

Without both men, she can’t rescue her sister. And she can’t discover the world-changing knowledge—buried in her memory—that has made her a target in the first place.

A very different type of read set in a different world, a world where there are limits to who can read and what's to be read. You see book reading has become out-of-date or defunct, no longer allowed in this time, which is set centuries in the future. Oh and I cannot forget the love triangle with Rianna, Mikal (a woo hoo hottie) and Conner (a definite good-looking bookworm). I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys paranormal, romance (that’s not that sensual) and Dystopian all with a twist.

Riana works as a reader and has done so for many years. She goes through various documents looking for things of importance or secret messages imbedded with in and then she’s to report her finds to her superior. She enjoys her job and everyday activity of return home to tend to her ill sister but things change when one day see arrives home to find her sister missing. From there she’s on a mission to find out who took her sister, where and why. Then get her back home safe and sound. With the help of one handsome Soul-Breather and an ex crush with many followers, she sets out on her mission but not without casualties, broken hearts and secrets revealed.

I wanted to LOVE this book but I find I can only like it. It was very slow paced and there was not much on the romantic side. But the setting and most characters were amazing, when the action was happening it was exciting and I feel many others will find great enjoyment in reading Word and Breath :)

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