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Review Like Falling (Surfacing #1) by Jaden Wilkes

"Like Falling"
Like Falling (Surfacing, #1)Author: Jaden Wilkes
Genre: New Adult/Romance
Pages: ???
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review.
Published: July 30, 2013
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Goodreads Blurb:
 Sarah Miller is known as a dreamer in her stifling Mennonite community, but she's hiding something from them all. A simple wish to avoid the strictly enforced life path expected of her...early marriage, babies, and work on the farm.

She wants more, so much more. Education, travel,

A chance at university hundreds of miles away is too much to pass up, so she follows her best friend Naomi and decides to take her future into her own hands.

She had no idea this decision would change her in ways she never imagined, will the one person she falls in love with hold her back from everything she ever wanted?

***As with all my work, this novel is intended for those 18+. It is New Adult, but contains depictions of graphic sex, drug use and underage drinking. However, if you are in the mood for an amazing story with sex scenes that will make your naughty bits tingle, you’re in luck!***

My Review:
ACK! There is a warning that it’s a cliff hanger but OH MY! Like Falling is an erotic, touching, fun and adventurous read that any fans of the genre will definitely enjoy!

Sarah was a sheltered teen. Growing up only knowing what she was taught by her parents and her church. Yes she attended school as well but Sarah is a VERY good girl. Well at least until she starts attending college and seeing exactly what the world has to offer…

Tyr was brought up very differently from Sarah. Two very different people from two different worlds (not literal planets though-lol). He has had a hard time of life. None of it having to do with his personal habits. More like the habits of his family. He’s a great guy with a greater heart. A heart that has a huge wall built around it. Is it possible he found the one that can break down the wall?

I’m very excited to see where the author will go with this series. A great start to a new series that I think many will become addicted to!

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