Thursday, April 28, 2011

18 & Over Book Blogger Tag Along Friday!!


18 and over book blogger tag along is for a specific group of book bloggers. You have to primary review adult books. Yes, I know some of you still read teen and adult, so if you do both your welcome to join in. You can read any genre paranormal, suspense, historical, contemporary or mystery and of course, erotica books. And if you blog has a few extra hot male pictures, well, that’s an added bonus! LOL. So if you have a book blog like this and would like to find others please join in the tag along.

We are small in number, but we do love books and other bloggers. So please if someone follows you and leaves a comment please follow back.

How it works
Please visit Laurie's blog for more details here.

Now, if your new don't be shy most of these ladies are here every week and they are very, very friendly (I know because I follow most of them;)

So get out there and find some bloggers like you!

This is a weekly theme so please come back next Friday and join in again if you can. I try to post this on Thursday night around 9:00 pm.

Question of the week: Do you have another hobby besides reading?
Yes, I like to do all sorts of Arts and Crafts mostly oil painting.

Do you have another hobby?


Sharon said...

Hi & Happy Friday!

I am a new follower :)

I love your blog..

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Would love to check out some of your oil paintings!

An old follower and I hope you have a great weekend!

Madame D said...

Hey, Sweet ;)

I don't have many hobbies, except stalking my girl crushes and ogling my Hunks. Grr...

Sally Sapphire said...

I've always wished I could draw or paint, but it's just not something I've been able to master.

Sally @ Bibrary

mpyff said...

New follower via the 18 & over Tag Along. :) I look forward to your posts. :) I always wish I was more crafty... :)

Mandy @ Reality Bites

Anonymous said...

My Mom can draw awesome, but I didn't get that gene. I did get the crafty one, though. Thanks for stopping by.

Lori @ Romancing the Darkside said...

I took a painting class a long time ago that I really just got in the way and I didn't continue after the class. It's a great way to unleash your creativity and relieve some stress..haha Thanks for stopping by today and have a great weekend!

BookGirl said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I wish I could paint, I just can't haha. Have a great weekend!


Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) said...

I wish I could paint anything lol.. My daughter does.
Have a good weekend!

Kyanara_night said...


Thank you so much for hopping by my blog. I am a bit late with my reply :S
I do love to do some arty and creative stuff to from time to time.

Have a great day!

<a href="http:/>Kyanara</a>

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