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Review: "The Sheik Retold" by Victoria Vane & E.M. Hull

"The Sheik Retold"
Author: Victoria Vane & E.M. Hull
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 277
ISBN: 9781492169956
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: August 30, 2013
Author's Website: http://www.VictoriaVane.com

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Goodreads Blurb:
The Desert was Never Hotter!
A haughty young heiress for whom the world is a playground... A savage son of the Sahara who knows no law but his own...When pride and passion vie for supremacy, blistering desert days are nothing compared to sizzling Sahara nights...

"There will be inquiries." I choked out. "I am not such a nonentity that nothing will be done when I am missed. You will pay dearly for what you have done."
"Pay?" His amused look sent a cold feeling of dread through me. "I have already paid... in gold that matches your hair, my gazelle. Besides," he continued, "the French have no jurisdiction over me. There is no law here above my own."
My trepidation was growing by the minute. "Why have you done this? Why have you brought me here?"
"Why?" He repeated with a slow and heated appraisal that made me acutely, almost painfully, conscious of my sex. "Bon Dieu! Are you not woman enough to know?"

Pride and passion vie for supremacy between a haughty young heiress and a savage son of the Sahara in this fresh new telling of E.M. Hull's romance classic. 

 "The Sheik Retold" is a retelling of the original by E.M. Hull. E.M. Hull's version had some rape scenes in it and not so much romance. So Victoria has retold this story deleting the rape scene and adding some more romance. I haven't read E.M. Hull's version but Victoria has a story wrapped in romance, adventure, heart break and love. 

The Sheik Retold" is one of those books that you can't put down and you read it in no time. Our heroine is Diana. In the beginning of the story she's a reckless heiress that lived in a castle and traveled all the time. As soon as she turns of age she plans a trip through the Sahara Desert. Everyone tries to talk her out of this crazy adventure full of danger. Sure enough she is kidnapped by a well known but elusive sheik named Ahmed. If it was a adventure she was seeking she just got neck high in it.

You have to try this book. I don't normally read these types of books with Sheiks and harems but this book was a total surprise. I'm not even sure which genre this book would fall under it's different than most books out there and that's what makes it such a great read. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a scorching hot romance. 

Warning: You should have a box of tissues at your disposal towards the end. ;)

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