Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: "Bring On The Night"

Bring On the Night (WVMP, Book 3)"Bring On The Night" 
by Jeri Smith-Ready
Series: WVMP Radio #3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 406
ISBN: 9781439163481
Published: July 2010

Goodreads Blurb:
Recovering con artist Ciara Griffin seems to finally have it all. A steady job at WVMP, the Lifeblood of Rock 'n' Roll. A loving relationship with the idiosyncratic but eternally hot DJ Shane McAllister. A vampire dog who never needs shots or a pooper-scooper. And after nine years, it looks as if she might actually finish her bachelor's degree!
But fate has other plans for Ciara. First she must fulfill her Faustian bargain with the Control, the paranormal paramilitary agency that does its best to keep vampires in line. Turns out the Control wants her for something other than her (nonexistent) ability to kick undead ass. Her anti-holy blood, perhaps?
Ciara's suspicions are confirmed when she's assigned to a special-ops division known as the Immanence Corps, run by the Control's oldest vampire and filled with humans who claim to have special powers. To a confirmed skeptic like Ciara, it sounds like a freak fest. But when a mysterious, fatal virus spreads through Sherwood—and corpses begin to rise from their graves—Ciara will not only get a crash course in zombie-killing, but will be forced to put her faith, and her life itself, in the hands of magic.

Darcy's Review:
It seems like Ciara's life is never normal or boring, especially since she started working at the radio station. I mean come on how many people lived as grifter's when they were kids, have a vampire for a boyfriend, and even has a vampire dog. She also has to start working for an organization she really doesn't want to, to repay a debt for her boyfriend.

With all of this craziness going on it is a wonder that she even has any normal aspects to her life at all. But she does somehow manage to do normal or as normal as she can quite well. So it is no surprise at all that all hell breaks loose and her normal flies right out the window. So much happens in this book it is sometimes hard to keep up.

So without spoiling things here is what you have to look forward to in this book. More about the secret Control agency, zombies, weird diseases, Ciara and Shane having to face up to just what they mean to each other and just how far they are willing to go to be with each other, discord within the DJ ranks, and many, many people having to face and reevaluate their beliefs as they are shaken to the core.

3 Big

This review was written by my friend Darcy at Goodreads.



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