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Review and Giveaway: "The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu

"The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu"
by: Michelle Franklin
Series: Haanta Series #1
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 142
Published: June 2011 by Michelle Franklin
ISBN: 9781450265799
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Blurb: 
The Kingdom of Frewyn is being invaded by the Galleisian infantry and at the forefront of the battle is Boudicca MacDaede, a First Captain in the Frewyn armed forces. Her regiment is charged with defending the borders between the two nations, but when Frewyn’s last line of defense falls, Captain MacDaede enlists the assistance of a Haanta, one of giants from the islands to the far north. Promising to free him from his imprisonment in exchange for his help, she gains his trust long enough for them to win the battle and save the Frewyn border from being breached. The giant’s freedom is granted, but Rautu cannot return home unless he redeems himself in the eyes of his people for past his transgressions. He is offered a place by the captain’s side, and together, they defeat the Galleisian forces and become the saviors of Frewyn.

One year later, King Alasdair Brennin takes the Frewyn throne, Boudicca is made commander, Gallei and Frewyn reach an accord, and Rautu is granted an invitation home. He is eager to return and see his brothers but finds it difficult to leave Frewyn without Boudicca at his side. He has become accustomed to her company and the idea of being made to live without her begins to distress him. Rautu invites the commander to the islands in hopes of finding a way for them to remain together, but when they arrive at the white shores of Sanhedhran, not everything goes as planned: one of the dangerous Haanta magi is freed, Rautu’s three brothers are strangely missing, and the neighboring nation of Thellis leads an attack on the islands.

Together, the commander and the Den Asaan Rautu must find a way to unite their two nations and defend against the Thellisian fleets, but can they do so successfully when outside forces are attempting to keep them apart?
My Review:
Overall this was a good fantasy novel. It was well written with vivid details and great world building. I really liked almost all of the characters in the story. The Commander, Boudicca, was great if you like a strong independent heroine that can take care of herself and has a sense of humor for just about anything except mutilating children but you'll have to read the book to know exactly what I'm talking about. Rautu the hero is just that a hero. He helps defend the borders for the commander in exchange for his freedom from jail and he does a great job. He was a tough character for me. He is very set in his culture and the way his people do things. He doesn't speak very often and frequently calls the commander "woman". I believe the author purposely made him this way to show just how different he is from her people. He is called a monster more than once by her people. How you fall in love with a monster? You'll have to read the book to answer that question.
 The only problem I had with this book was that there wasn't enough romance and sexual tension that I love so much but that is just my opinion others may not care about that kind of stuff. I also felt the hero could have had a little more compassion and a softer side. These are the only two reasons I gave the book three hearts. It was a good book and I would recommend it to fans of fantasy. Its a 18 and over book due to sexual content. The book ended with a big cliffhanger so I'm very interested in seeing how the next book turns out.
 Overall rating: 

Sex rating:

Now for the Giveaway:
The author is kind enough to put a copy of her book up for grabs. For all that are interested should enter following these rules.
1. You must be 18 and over.
2. You must be a follower of my blog.
3. Leave a comment with your email address.
4. This giveaway is international because it is a ebook.
5. The giveaway ends on August 12th.
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