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Review: "Scarlet Night" by Megan J. Parker

"Scarlet Night"
Author: Megan J. Parker
Series: Book #1
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Pages: ebook
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published:October 1, 2012 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly
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Goodreads Blurb:
** The story beyond the #1 Amazon bestselling anthology, "Dark Light" **

Zane Murdoch just got a tattoo.

The problem is, the tattoos are a magically infused curse that turns him into a raging beast and the only hope he has of curing it is absolving his rage. Seems simple enough until he and his clan are nearly demolished in a powerful attack. Now Zane finds himself involved in a paranormal battle of mystical proportions and breaking the curse may be a bit more challenging than he thought.

Serena Vailean is alone in the world and quite frankly that's how she likes it…

At least until she finds a way to bring back her dead lover, Devon Thomas. Unfortunately for her, plans have a nasty way of changing and she finds herself thrust back into the world she's been trying so desperately to escape. Her only hope is to seek
help from the very people she has gone to great lengths to avoid.

As an epic battle approaches, Serena and Zane must rely on each other and overcome their personal demons if they plan to survive.

Unfortunately, caging a demon makes them all the harder to control.

A truly paranormal packed YA romance that keeps you on your toes from start to finish! Full of action, betrayal, friendship, love and some of the most amazing paranormal elements I’ve experienced. All cleverly written and very original compared to what we normally see (read). Any fan of the genre will fully enjoy their time reading Scarlet Night.

Serena left her family and her clan long ago to escape the feeling of being confined and the responsibility’s that are to come her way. She wants nothing to do with any of it or any of them. She spends all of her time hiding, running, fighting until the day comes she is found and gives in to what is meant to be for her. She now has what she never wanted and more when she finds she is extremely attracted to the one that brought her back home, Zane.

Zane has been cursed long ago for reasons that still remain unclear. He’s strong, handsome, determined and confused. His anger overpowers him and his inner beast takes control leaving nothing but death and destruction in its path. He has no control what-so-ever over the outcome of the beast’s rage, that’s until the day he meets Serena and brings her back to the compound. Everything goes haywire, some in the very best of ways, some in the very worst.

Both characters went through great character growth and drastic changes that make them even more likable than they were from the start. I look forward to what’s to come in the next book. The ending was left pretty wide open (UGH), so I cannot even take a guess on what will happen with Serena, Zane, and their old and new friends. I do know it’s going to pack quite a punch! Due to language use I recommend readers to be at least 17 years of age. There are sexual situations, but none very graphic or erotic.

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