Thursday, January 24, 2013

"To Trust a Thief" Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Day 4 of the To Trust a Thief treasure hunt!
Guest author Michelle McLean is here to share her new Entangled Scandalous release with us! TO TRUST A THIEF just came out, and it's like a Victorian Romancing the stone--which means treasure! Michelle is here spreading the treasure hunt far and wide. You can buy TO TRUST A THIEF here for your Nook or here for your Kindle for only $2.99. ---- 

 First of all, I want to thank the Romance Book Junkies for hosting me today. I am thrilled to be here! To Trust a Thief is a tale in which a young woman in Victorian England must trust a master thief she intends to betray in order to find a legendary necklace that could save her fiancĂ© and family. But in searching for the necklace, she may lose her heart. Since the story centers on the hunt for a treasure, I thought it would be fun to celebrate its release with a treasure hunt of my own :) The clue for Day 4 of the hunt focuses on my main character Min’s fiancĂ© Arthur. Their engagement is one of convenience. Arthur is one of Min’s dearest friends who has a penchant for getting himself into trouble (of the gambling debt variety). His ailing grandmother wants nothing more than to see him settled before she dies, and Min has a well-meaning guardian of her own who has been throwing her at every eligible bachelor in England. Their engagement is a convenient way to get their relatives off their backs and buy them a little time while they search for the priceless Courtland necklace.  

Here’s the rundown – from Jan 21st to Feb 1st, you can join me in a treasure hunt for five fabulous prizes. I’ll be making the rounds on five wonderful blogs and will leave a clue at each one. The clue will give you a hint both as to what the prize is, and where you need to go on our To Trust a Thief treasure map to enter the giveaway for that day. You’ll also get a few snippets of the book and a chance for extra entries if you solve a special riddle. Follow these instructions and see if you can find the treasure!  

Step 1 – Here is your clue for Day 4: Arthur’s locket contains a portrait clue; if you visit his clinic you could get one too!  
Step 2 – CLICK HERE to go to the treasure map. 
Step 3 – Once there, click on the location on the map that matches the clue. 
Step 4 – Fill in the form to enter to win the prize and read a little snippet of the book just for fun! 
Step 5 – Be sure to visit the other blogs on our Treasure Hunt Tour for more chances to win other awesome prizes, especially the huge grand prize on day 5!! Each giveaway will run for a week, so you can go back and enter any that you missed. 

 Here are the Treasure Hunt blog stops: 
Day 1 - Monday Jan 21st – My Blog 
Day 2 - Tuesday, January 22 -- Romance Junkies  
Day 3 - Wednesday, January 23 -- Cocktails and Books 
Day 4 - Thursday, January 24 -- Romance Book Junkies 
Day 5 - Friday, January 25 -- Romance Reviews Today   

Extra Entries Clue = There will be an opportunity for extra entries if you can figure out the riddle of the villainous Lord Rellik's name. The clue will be listed on the entry form, but I'll list it here as well to give you a little more thinking time. There is something sinister about Rellik’s name; figure it out, get extra points for the game. Here is a hint, if you are in doubt; try reading it backwards, it might help you out. Have fun hunting!! And good luck finding your treasures :)

About Michelle: Michelle McLean is the author of historical and paranormal novels, including TO TRUST A THIEF (Entangled Scandalous Jan 2013), a historical trilogy, BLOOD BLADE SISTERS (Entangled Scandalous 2013), and a zombie fairy tale retelling WISH UPON A STAR (Entangled Ever After Oct 2013). She is also the author of the educational non-fiction book HOMEWORK HELPERS: ESSAYS AND TERM PAPERS. Michelle has a B.S. in History, a M.A. in English, and tends to be a bit of an overly organized mess with an insatiable love of books and more weird quirks than you can shake a stick at. She is also a contributor on The Naked Hero, and the Operation Awesome, Scene 13, and Scandalous book blogs as well as maintaining her personal blog. If she's not editing, reading or chasing her kids around, she can usually be found in a quiet corner working on her next book. Michelle resides in PA with her husband and two young children, an insanely hyper dog, and two very spoiled cats.


Patricia Eimer said...

Can't wait to give this a read.

Ally Broadfield said...

Treasure hunts are so exciting! I have To Trust a Thief on my Kindle and can't wait until the weekend when I'll have time to read it (likely in one sitting after the kiddos go to bed!).

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