Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Tour & Giveaway: "Touched by the Magic" by Maxine Mansfield

Today I have Maxine Mansfield here to promote her new book and host a giveaway. So lets welcome her to Romance Book Junkies.

 Touched by the Magic
By Maxine Mansfield

Genre: Erotic Fantasy
Heat level: 4, Scarlet Rose
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release date: May 4, 2012

New to The Academy of Magical Arts, Briarlarn Tumbleweed wants to learn the art of a True Healer, but her nerves get the best of her when she’s paired in the sexually dynamic healing class with Uthiel Stoutheart, Paladin of the Realm. Between burning off his eyebrows and overturning a candle on certain exposed male parts, she isn't making a very good impression. But how can she focus when Uthiel is strong, brave, and touches Briar in a way that leaves her weak in the knees, quivering with pleasure, and begging for more?

Falling in love with the accident-prone but talented Briar was not what Uthiel had planned, but life with the sexy healer is adventurous, hilarious, mind-blowingly stimulating, and clearly his destiny. His soul awakens while taking her to new heights of ecstasy, yet he can't allow his own pleasure. There’s no getting around it—he must leave The Academy and pursue his quest to right the wrongs done to his people if he can ever hope to find happiness with Briar.

But is their love strong enough to mend the magic so desperately needed to preserve their world, and that touches both their souls with a searing heat?

Briar gulped once more and shifted until she was directly in front of him. Standing on tiptoes, she whispered, “I’m still a virgin.”

She stepped back and watched all the color drain from Uthiel’s face.

“You’re a what? How on Albrath did that happen?” He stared at her as if she’d grown an extra head. A slight twitch in his left jaw became more pronounced.

“I told you, there wasn’t anyone around to take care of that tiny detail.”

Her cheeks burned with embarrassment, and her throat tightened so much she could barely breathe. If she lived to be a thousand, she didn’t ever again want to see the look of horror Uthiel leveled at her. She felt like a freak in a carnival sideshow.

The paladin sat heavily on a stool. “I’ve never known a twenty-one-year-old virgin. How did you even get accepted into the Healer program? I mean, for God Draka’s sake, Briar, Healing the Soul is almost entirely sex, in one form or another.”

Briar swallowed her tears. “They didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell. Well, really, they didn’t ask directly, and I figured what they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt anyone. So, will you help me, or not?”

Maxine Mansfield writes fantasy, erotic romances. She lives in the far northern state of Alaska where the summer days are long and the winter nights even longer. She has one very special man, his three equally special children, and their six delightful grandchildren in her life. Not to mention a very bossy African Grey parrot named Gabriel. Oh, and Gnomes! Many, many Gnomes.

Maxine can be found online at the following places:

 The author is offering up a ebook copy of "Touched by the Magic" as a giveaway. This giveaway is international and all you have to do to enter is fill out the rafflecopter below.

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Becky said...

Touched by the Magic sounds like a very interesting story. I loved the excerpt. I have added this book to my wish list. Maxine is a new author to me, so I am going to check out her website and Facebook page.

Rhonda D said...

I definitely added this to my to buy list. It sounds like a very good read that has light and funny moments and some very intense ones as well. I love books with clumsy heroines. Thank you so much for sharing.

Maxine Mansfield said...

Thank you danielle for hosting me, and thank you Becky and Rhonda, I hope you enjoy Touched :)

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren said...

Ugh, forgot to leave my email. lol I'd really like to read this one. It sounds good. Thanks so much for the giveaway.
Lmackesy @ gmail.com

erin said...

Thanks for a great post and giveaway! This is a new to me author and I'm definitely adding her to my wishlist :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this book - very fun & naughty.

Tore said...

I can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway. Tore923@aol.com

Maxine Mansfield said...

Thank you guys for your comments and I really hope you enjoy the book

Pauline Trent said...

So much fun. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series!

searching4princecharming said...

Thanks for the giveaway! The excerpt looks great. Thanks! It is on my wishlist!


bn100 said...

Great excerpt. The book sounds very good.


Pamk said...

great excerpt. Thanks for the great giveaway.
scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

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