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May Historical Romance Reading Challenge

Welcome to the fifth month of my 2012 Historical Romance Reading Challenge! Something new from last year is that I'm keeping the sign up open all year long so others can jump in and join us at any point during the year. 

This is May's post were you will be getting information about this month's giveaway and this is also were your going to link up your reviews using the Linky Tool at the bottom of the post. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at romancebookjunkiesdanielle@yahoo.com. Now on to the good stuff:

There will be one winner this month. This month's giveaway is International. The winner will be winning this lovely bookmark:
from Miss Bohemia and a ebook copy of 

Fire stole his future, until she reclaimed him from the ashes.

Knowing he can never have children of his own, Jonathan Everleigh, Earl of Mercia, marries scandal-plagued Juliette Markham, saving her from disgrace. But when he finds his ruined bride is still a virgin on their wedding night, Jonathan is vows to annul their marriage. But when Juliette discovers that she actually is with child, this time from her wedding night, she is as determined to stay married as he is to leave her.

When Jonathan’s past catches up with them, the Earl and Lady Mercia must navigate their marital problems, countless dangers, and a final confrontation with the madness plaguing them.

If they can make it out alive, love might be there waiting for them on the other side.

“It’s for your own good, Juliette.  Trust me in this,” he’d said.  “How dare you threaten to set me aside and then claim it’s for my own good!”  He’d looked stunned for a moment, then pained.  But he’d steeled himself against her again.  She knew he had when she saw his eyes go cold and his expression stony.   “You’re the one who lied your way into this situation, my dear,” he said calmly.  “You don’t believe that.  I know you don’t.  You’re using it as an excuse to be rid of me.  You know I was ignorant of the ways of men and women.  You know I made an innocent mistake.”  “I know nothing of the sort.  Perhaps you contrived to wed me because I’m an earl.  It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been married for my money and title.  Those were Carolyn’s motives for marrying a man who repulsed her.  They must be your reasons for lying to me, too.”  Stymied by that, she’d tried a different approach.  “Even if you’re right–which you are not–about me lying to you, can’t you see that I want to be a good wife to you?  I want to be your companion and give you children.  I lo . . . ”  But he hadn’t let her speak those last words.  She didn’t know what she’d said to set him off, but she’d clearly infuriated him.  He’d bolted from his chair and come at her with all the fury of a hurricane.  She’d backed up quickly, surprised by his show of rage.  Before she knew what was happening, she’d found herself on the other side of the library door.  The door had clicked shut and then she’d heard the lock turn.  So words were not her friend in this campaign to win her husband back.  She knew she’d had his devotion before–he could not have feigned those tender words just before he’d taken her to his bed.  He’d cared for her once and she would find a way to make him do so again.  But she had to get near him to do that.

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