Sunday, November 4, 2012

Book Club: Week 1 Discussion Questions

Week 1 is over and it's time for our first book club discussion for "Ascension" by Felicity Heaton and I'm sure you all have a lot to say about this week's reading assignment. You are not required to answer all or any of the questions we provide we just want to hear your thoughts on what you read this week. If you were bad and read on past the assigned chapters please do not spoil the book for everyone else in your comments.

1. How do you feel about Taig and his thought process when it comes to Lealandra?

2. Was that a hot opening for a book or what?

3. What do you think about Taig and Lealandra's current arrangement?

4. So far who do you think wants to harm Lealandra?

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ReneAva said...

WOW, I feel he lacks confidence where she is concerned. He's a confident dude, but has too many negative thoughts flowing through his mind when it comes to Lealandra and he needs to put a plug in them and start looking to the positive, just saying.

Oh my, yes it sure was! At first I thought it was a dream being presented towards us. But yea, that got me loving Taig from the start ;)

I think it may be a bit difficult for them to keep it as they've agreed. Guess we shall see!

I'm not positive. But I'm leaning either towards a group of power hungry demons or some witches so far.

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

I beleive Taig is still pissed about her leaving him but I can already tell he's in love with her which kind of bums me out because I like the first meeting and the falling in love part.

I was totally surprised by the opening and yes it was hot.

I think their current arrangement is only temporary and she's going to be putty in his hands in no time.

I think that Gregori, the leader of the coven, is responsible I think he's afraid she is going to live through the ascension and become stronger than him.

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