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Review: "Her Demonic Angel" by Felicity Heaton

"Her Demonic Angel"
Author: Felicity Heaton
Series: Her Angel #5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 395
ISBN: 9781909306301
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: September 12, 2012 by Dark Rose Publishing
Author's Website: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk

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Goodreads Blurb:
A demonic angel with a heart of ice, Veiron walks a dark path with vengeance on his mind. Nothing will sway him from his mission to destroy his master... until he risks his life to enter Hell once more to save a mortal female. The fiery beauty makes him burn with hungers he must battle and needs he cannot deny, tempting him to surrender body and soul to her.

Erin is convinced her refusal to do the Devil’s bidding will see her die in a terrifying realm straight out of her nightmares. The last thing she expects is the lethally sensual warrior who breaks into her cell and awakens the darkest desires of her heart and a fierce longing to know the heat of his caress.

Pulled into an incredible world where war is set to ignite and darkness is on the rise, Erin races with Veiron to escape the Devil’s legions in a journey fraught with danger and filled with passion that flares white-hot.

When Erin is faced with a life-shattering realization and an extraordinary destiny, will their love give them the strength to battle both Heaven and Hell or will they be parted forever?

This was a gripping, entertaining, make you cry and sit on the edge of your seat kind of book. In other words it was phenomenal. It's book 5 in the Her Angel Series but I haven't read any of the other books in the series so I can tell you this can be read as a stand a lone and still get all the joy and greatness out of the story. 

There are so many twists and turns in the plot that I could give you a good summary of the book but I'll tell you a little about the characters. Veiron is a demonic angel who is always reborn after his death as a guardian angel until he falls. But he grows tired of Heaven and Hell's games and his life mission is to seek revenge and end it all. He's very much a independent person except for a select few friends that have also fallen or are somehow also involved in this game between heaven and hell. One of these friends asks Veiron to do the unthinkable and go to hell and try to rescue his mates sister that was kidnapped by the devil's minions. This is when we meet Erin our heroine. She's very brave even when thrown into a cell facing the firey pit. Why has she been kidnapped by the devil she has no idea but Veiron comes to the rescue and they embark on their journey of discovery, revenge and most of all love. Erin doesn't just love Veiron's human side she also loves his demon and that is a first for Veiron.

The author put a lot of hard work and creativity into writing this book and it shows on every page. She litterally takes you on the adventure with Veiron and Erin with her vivid descriptions and writing style. She takes you on a emotional roller coaster that will make you cry and rejoice over and over again. I would highly recommend this book to paranormal romance fans. There is a lot of violence so if your not into that then this isn't a book for you. But otherwise this is a must read! And now I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 

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Felicity Heaton said...

Thanks for the excellent review of Her Demonic Angel, Danielle! I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed the book so much and the characters too.


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