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Review: "A Demon and His Psycho" by Eve Langlais

"A Demon and His Psycho"
Author: Eve Langlais
Series: Welcome to Hell #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: ebook novella
ISBN: 9781927459089
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: July 17, 2012 by Eve Langlais
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Goodreads Blurb:
Warning:This story centers around a grumpy demon holding onto an ancient vow and a perky psycho (with killer tendencies) who is determined to make him snap. There's cursing, melt-your-screen hotness, messed up religious tropes and snort out loud fun. If you enjoy raunchy humor, sizzling moments and already know you’re going to Hell, then dive on in.�

I'm not crazy. I just have anger issues.

With a giggle and an outrageous mouth – perfect for things other than talking – Katie comes flying into Xaphan’s life, upsetting centuries of self-inflicted misery. How can he stay true to the one he lost when a bubbly psycho, with mismatched eyes, keeps consuming his thoughts – and awakening his desire?

So she was a tad bit nuts, Katie’s insanity came in handy as the Devil’s favorite problem solver. But killing’s not on the menu when a dragon goes missing, and worse, Lucifer teams her up with Hell’s grumpiest demon. His rejection of her advances only makes her more determined to seduce him. And despite her violent reputation, a part of her is oddly tempted to let him live.

Welcome to Hell where the rules are always changing, the ash is constantly raining, and Lucifer is watching, waiting to steal your soul…

 Another hot read from Eve Langlais that will have you laughing out loud. This is the second book in the series but they can be read as stand alones with no problem the only thing connecting them is the devil trying to play match maker with some of the scariest characters you can imagine. But I've read the first book and it was just as awesome so you want to check that one out as well. 

Katie is a bubbly, blonde, psycho killer. She has a big problem with men because of the way she was treated as a human and was ultimately sent to death by electric chair for murdering men for their perverse behavior. Now that she lives in hell were she kills freely and has never had sex with anyone she didn't kill right afterwards and she does all this with a happy go lucky personality and a giggle. Xaphan is a demon and known to be the grumpiest probably because of a vow he made to a female 300 years ago to love noone but her and he's been abstinent since. until Katie comes along and he starts questioning his life. But he resist her with all his strengh and Katie doesn't want to get involved with Xaphan because then she would have to kill him and she likes him. So this couple had some very obvious problems to work out if their going to end up together. 

This story was written with all of Eve's talents coming together beautifully, It's funny, sexy, and action packed. Making this book a fantastic read. You will fall in love with the characters and laugh and cry with them. I would recommend this book to paranormal romance fans but you must have a sense of humor when it comes to heaven and hell because this book goes against all beliefs. Would I recommend this book to you yes, yes, yes. It's a must read and gets all fives from me.     

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