Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: "Mr. Buff" by April Angel

"Mr. Buff"
Author: April Angel
Genre: Erotica, Contemporary Romance

Pages: 97
ISBN: 9781937976750
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: October 5, 2012 by Etopia Press

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Goodreads Blurb:
Every morning, Alexandra drinks in the sexy vision of Mr. Buff through his office window across the street. He takes his workouts seriously, and Alexandra never misses the opportunity to see him return, sweaty and pumped, to his office suite to shower. Turns out Andrew enjoys the view just as much as she does and can't take his eyes off the woman who makes his blood roar.

But when Alexandra bumps into Mr. Buff at a club, things go from visual to physical. And much to her delight, she learns that Mr. Buff is really Mr. Dominant. She loves spending time with him and getting to know him the way nature intended, but she's looking for more than a fling. How's she supposed to make Mr. Buff realize he's Mr. Right?

One very hot and very erotic read that’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more! Excellent story, characters, setting and all around everything that makes for a satisfying read all around.

Alex is a beautiful and intelligent woman that was recently deceived by someone she thought loved and cared for her. Some months have passed and she has found some very yummy eye candy that she calls Mr. Buff. Coming to know his daily routine, she watches him loyally, daily, never missing a beat and constantly has naughty thoughts of him when she cannot get her eyes on him. She gets quite a few surprises when she runs into him face to face during a girl’s night out. One of them finding out she was not the only one doing the watching ;)

Mr. Buff is a handsome, successful, smart, and very dominant male specimen. Especially when it comes to the bedroom (*wink wink). Not really one for relationships and their strings, he’s shocked at himself and his wondering thoughts from the first time he spots a beauty across the way from his office window, thoughts he’s never had before. When he finally meets her face to face, more than his fantasies come true, she’s much better than he’s ever imagined, but will it be able to last and does he really want it to?

Get ready for a wild ride within the pages of Mr. Buff. Great, steamy love scenes and an intense build with an ending that will leave you wanting more of the yummy Mr. Buff!

Any romance or erotic reader out there will have a great time reading Mr. Buff. He is a delightfully dreamy morsel within a story that packs quite a punch :)

Overall Rating:

Sex Rating:


Karen said...

Ooh a sex rating! lol Cute.

SOunds like a fun book.

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