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Review: "Eighty Days Red" by Vina Jackson

"Eighty Days Red"
Author: Vina Jackson
Series: Eighty Days #3
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781409127796
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: October 11, 2012 by Open Road Media

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Goodreads Blurb:
World-renowned violinist Summer Zahova returns to London - the city where, for her, it all began. Free and single in the hedonistic capital, Summer embarks on a series of steamy affairs, embracing exciting new opportunities and travelling to Europe to fulfil her dreams. When Summer's priceless violin is stolen, fate brings wealthy and charismatic Dominik back into her life. Neither Summer nor Dominik can deny the obsession that still exists between them, but history has left its scars, and both realise that love and passion can't always go hand in hand. Summer knows that if she plays with fire, she'll end up getting burned, but then there are some pleasures that are just too hard to deny...Can Summer and Dominik finally overcome the obstacles that stand between them, and will Summer choose to follow her head or her heart?

The unmissable third book in Vina Jackson's red-hot romantic trilogy.

A perfect continuation to where we left off in Eighty Days Blue. I found this installment to be a bit calmer than the other two in the series, not as rough in the BDSM scene and the sex is mellower. There are still plenty of erotic scenes, some F/F action, multiple partner scenes, BDSM elements and the anticipation is there just as in the others and it’s still an intriguing read that sucks the reader in its pages just as the others. Any reader of the erotic genre will also get sucked into Summer and Dominik's story.

We get to see a softer side to Dominik and bask in his glory since he finished his book and it’s been published with great success. He’s now working on a second book and taking a different direction this time than he did with the other, or at least trying to. It’s difficult for him to focus on his writing or anything else with the constant distraction of Summer on his mind. He really does miss her. Much more than he will admit to even himself, everything about her, and he seems to unconsciously look for some of her in every woman he interacts with. Is Dominik really in love or is it something else, like infatuation?

Summer has come a very long way since Eighty Days Yellow. Her and Dominik were on again, off again, never exclusive and now have been apart for a couple of years with absolutely no contact. Both living their own separate lives, that is until Summer returns to London and runs into Dominik once again. The chemistry is still there between them and undeniable. But is he available any longer or has he moved on and settled down for good?

This series was a great emotional ride that I was more than happy to experience. I'm sad to see it end and wish for more to come of Summer and Dominik’s final relationship. The ending left me wanting and wondering if it is actually finally a happy ever after for the two :)

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