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Interview: Author Victoria Vane "Treacherous Temptations"

I know you get asked this question over and over but can you tell us a little about yourself? Maybe something juicy. ;)

The normal things about me:   I'm 48 years old, married for almost thirty years, and a mother of 2 sons. I love reading, writing and horses.

The more unusual  (or not so normal) things about me: I play the Celtic harp (but only for myself due to severe performance anxiety)  I'm a bit obsessive compulsive and an insomniac.  In my early life I was an exchange student and then a travel agent during which time I was able to travel quite extensively.  FYI- The attached photo taken in Egypt in 1986 is real!

When did you first start writing? Are you a full time author or do you do it on the side? 
I began writing at age 44 when I suddenly got a story in my head that woudn't go away… so I wrote it.  The result was The Highest Stakes, a work of romantic historical fiction set in the 18th century horseracing world written under the pseudonym Emery Lee and published by Sourcebooks.  I was fortunate in finding a publisher right away and I haven't looked back since.  I have since moved into historical romance writing as Victoria Vane  but still staying true to my history-loving heart.  I have now been writing full time for two years and Treacherous Temptations is my 9th published title.

Do you have an author that has really inspired you? 
The author who has most influenced my work is Georgette Heyer. I very much admire her ability to claim the Regency era as her own.  I have the same desire with the Georgian era.

How long does it normally take you to write an average book or your last book? 
It really depends on the book!  My very first book took me fourteen months  and was 189,000 words before editing, but then again it required extensive research. My fastest book was The Virgin Huntress a 33,000 word novella that I wrote in 13 days. On the average, I try to produce at least 1,000 – 1,500 words per day, which is a very reasonable goal.

What do you think makes a story great?   
Characters the reader can relate to and a believable, emotionally engaging plot.  Romance really is all about emotion, after all.

Can you describe your book "Treacherous Temptations" in one sentence?

A reluctant heiress and a dissolute nobleman are embroiled in a dangerous game of seduction and intrigue.

Tell us a little more about your new book “Treacherous Temptations.  

Treacherous Temptations is, in a sense, my homage to the novels written in the 18th century in which virtue vs. Vice and the seduction of a virgin were popular tropes. Hadley Blanchard is NOT a typical romance hero, as he begins as much more of a villain, yet he is truly transformed through his growing love for Mary.  Mini -excerpt:

"That girl is Sir Richard's ward?" When the girl in the music room had introduced herself as Mary Elizabeth Edwardes he had not made the connection, but then again, wily Sir Richard had taken care not to reveal anything about the Edwardes heir.

"One and the same my love, and worth every bit of fifty thousand a year! That plump little pigeon is one of the richest women in England, and thanks to me, she is yours for the plucking."

The blood roared in his ears. It was just too bloody good to be true. The very one who held his lands was residing under Barbara's roof. The girl was not only the means to a large fortune but also of revenge. "That certainly does throw a different light on matters." He took heed not to betray his growing excitement. "But you and I both know Sir Richard would see me hanged before granting consent for me to wed his ward."

She smiled. "Who said anything about seeking his consent?"

"You intend for me to despoil her to force a marriage? My dear Barbara, such rude and crass methods don't suit me at all. The entire thing lacks finesse."

She scowled. "Then how else do you propose we get control of her fortune?"

"I would propose gaining the girl's good faith and cooperation."

"And then what? Do you think she will just hand it over to you?"

"Something very close to that."

"You are overly confident."

"Not at all," he laughed. "I have never failed to achieve my object where a woman was concerned, nor has any ever complained of my methods."

Have you done lots of research for your books or do the stories just come to you?

Everything I have ever written has a strong historical basis. My characters are also often inspired by real people, as is the case with both Hadley and Mary and my plots often involve real historical events such as the South Sea scandal in Treacherous Temptations. 

What are you currently working on?

I am currently doing writing my very first contemporary romance which is some thing I never imagined I would do, but after being hounded by my beta reader for about a year, I decided to try it and I'm extremely pleased with it so far. The working title is The Cowboy Lawyer, although that probably will change once it's contracted. Here's a sneak peek:

His brows flew upward, as if he had trouble digesting the possibility that he wasn't as irresistible as he seemed to think. He scratched his jaw. "I can't say I ever met a woman with a natural aversion to me."

"Don't take it personally. My aversion is not to you in particular, but to your type."

He crossed his arms over his chest and lifted a brow. "And what do you think you know about my type?"

"Since I don't have a pole, enough to at least keep you at arms-length. Besides, this is an entirely inappropriate conversation in light of professional ethics, don't you think? You are my attorney, after all."

"Well, darlin' there's a little hitch to that."

"What do you mean? You said you would help me."

"And I will, but you can't engage my professional services until I know who you are."

"I've told you who I am!" she insisted.

"Sweetheart, I'm a lawyer, and according to law, your claim don’t' weigh without authentication."



"So what are you saying? That you don't believe me?"

"Not at all. Only that our professional relationship will commence once you get your I.D. In the interim," His gaze slid over her in a way that nearly melted her on the spot, "you'd best find yourself a nice, long, sturdy pole."

Can you tell us about some of your prior achievements?

From a writing  stand point 2012 was a helluva year for me. Here's the recap of awards and accolades:

THE DEVIL DEVERE SERIES- Library Journal Best E-Book Romance 2012
LR Café Best Author Nominee 2012
Swept Away by Romance Favorite Author 2012
A Wild Night's Bride
• Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
• Amazon Top 100 Best seller
The Virgin Huntress
• Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
The Devil You Know
• Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
• The Romance Reviews Top Pick
• LR Café Best Historical Romance nominee 2012
The Devil's Match
• Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
• The Romance Reviews Top Pick
• LASR Reviews Book of the Month December 2012
• Swept Away by Romance Best Historical Romance of 2012
A Breach of Promise , December 2011 Ellora's Cave
• Night Owl Reviews “Top Pick”
• Reading Romances 5 flames and “Pen Award”
• TBR Pile 5stars/Book of the month winner September 2012
• LASR Erotic Reviews 5 STAR/Book of the Month Nominee
• The Romance Studio 5 Sweetheart Nominee
• TRS CAPA Nominee 2012

Is there anything that I didn't cover that you would like to talk about or say to your potential readers?

I don't write formulaic stories so if you read my work, you can always expect the unexpected!

Just for fun:

Hardback or Paperback?  E-book!
Dog ears or Bookmarks?  Dogears because I can never find my bookmarks
YA novels or Adult novels?  Adult only.
Library or Bookstore?  Bookstore- I'm an Amazon one-click addict.
Reading glasses or No glasses?  Contact lenses.
Snack while reading or No snacks?  Chocolate and Coke zero.
Beach or Mountain?  Mountains.
Vampire or Werewolf?  Definitely vampire. I love getting my neck nibbled.
Hot or Flirty?  Scorching!
Movie 1st or Book 1st?  Book.
Contemporary or Historical?  Need you ask?
Page-Turner or Tear Jerker?  Page-turner because I hate to cry.

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