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Review Deadly Design (Design #2) by Dale Mayer

"Deadly Design"
Author: Dale Mayer
Genre: YA Paranormal
Pages: 226
Source: Publisher in exchange for a honest review.
Published: October 11, 2012
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Goodreads Blurb: 
Drawing is her world...but when she's banished to a deadly new world and needs help, it's his world too.

Her... Storey Dalton wants to go home - but something goes terrifyingly wrong and she ends up in her worst nightmare. There's no escape...not without Eric or her stylus. Then she finds someone who needs rescuing even more than she does...

Him... Eric Jordan races to save Storey, only to realize a close family member has betrayed them both. Now the enemy is closing in on him. When he meets up with Storey, he knows her plans are a bad idea, but she won't be dissuaded...and it could be their only way of staying alive.

It... The stylus, now bonded to Storey's artistic soul, is determined to survive this new chaos - against all odds. But damaged from a prolonged separation, he can't help Story or Eric - without making things worse.

Them... Storey is determined to make things right. Eric is determined to help her. Neither counts the personal cost, until their very lives are in danger.

My Review: 

A good continuation from where Dangerous Designs left off, a 3.5 rating rounded to a 4 for me. It did not go in the direction I expected it to, but it was no less good than the first. Still an amazingly creative, vivid world with twists, excitement, adventure and a few surprises. Anyone looking into reading this without reading the first in the series can rest at ease, Deadly Designs was written so it can be read as a stand-alone. It contained a perfect amount of information that allows the reader to flow right along with the story and its characters without feeling lost; a read that many YA paranormal fans will enjoy :)

Storey is experiencing a bout of homesickness and it seems that she’ll get anywhere else but there. She and Eric end up on yet another mission (mostly not by choice), but this time it’s to help two others in need of assistance. One, known as the enemy to Eric’s people, the other is a new found enemy of Storey. She has grown up a lot from when she was first introduced to us. I’m beginning to see her more as a woman and not a teenager. She puts herself at risk for others in need, even if they are the enemy. A character that sets many great examples for others.

Eric has also grown in character a great deal. He’s now gotten to experience more of life than he ever has through the eyes, mind and exuberance that is Storey and he’s enjoying each new experience, well except for a few minor (hee hee) bumps that are in their path.

I look forward to the next in the series. There was a lot left hanging by the end and some questions not answered. Knowing there is going to be another in the series, one thing I am hoping that Storey and Eric finally realize what the truly mean to one another and have a happily ever after. 

Overall Rating:


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