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Review Grail Chase Book One: An Impossible Lover's Touch By Dara Fogel

"Grail Chase"
Author: Dara Fogel
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 329
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: September 28, 2012
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Goodreads Blurb: Drawing on the same theories as Scott Brown's The DaVinci Code, GrailChase! centers on the implications that Jesus survived crucifixion and had a family with Mary Magdalen. What would happen if a womanizing scoundrel discovers he is a descendant of Christ and is called upon to save humanity from bondage to the evil Illuminati?

Set in Victorian-era Europe, against the backdrop of massive social change, GrailChase! Book 1: An Impossible Lover's Touch explores the eternal longing of the human spirit for love, freedom and enlightenment.

When the dashing British rogue, Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Jordan Haldane goes to Italy for a shady business deal, instead he finds himself falling head over heels in love with the headstrong, but impoverished beauty, Marquessa Sophia D’Amici. Little do these two suspect that their star-crossed romance is being monitored and their lives manipulated by agents of darkness and chaos.

Unwittingly, Haldane and Sophia are drawn into the age-old battle between the forces of light and dark, as the ancient Guardians of the Holy Grail and the Illuminati wrestle for control of the Villa D’Amici, where priceless ancient wisdom (and perhaps even the Holy Grail itself) lie hidden. The future of Europe for the next thousand years depends on the choices of Haldane and Sophia. Through a fateful meeting with Madame Helena Blavatsky, Sophia begins to discover her family’s ancient secret hidden deep within the old castle, while Haldane is forced to defend his life and call upon his own mysterious heritage of abilities to survive.

GrailChase!: Part One – An Impossible Lover’s Touch by Dara Fogel is the book one of a heretical romantic trilogy, following the adventures and unfoldment of two soul mates, whose reunion fulfills prophecy and shapes the destiny of nations for centuries to come.

A very different Historical romance read for me 2.5 rounded to a 3 rating. I feel this story will be best enjoyed by those that are die hard historical fans and do not mind not having happily ever after ending and waiting for the next in the series to see if it's to come.

Sophia is my favorite character in the book. She’s smart, pure hearted, loving, beautiful and kind. She’s a dreamer and very loyal to her family. She’s lost so much already in her years and now loses her father. With no man in her life she feels she must make a hasty decision so she can keep the family home and land as it should be, in the family…

Jordan is a man that a woman should honestly steer clear from. Now-a-days we call his type a full blown player. He has his cake and eats it too! He plays the field with much skill and adore woman of all types. He’s currently at works with getting two enemies whom are also neighbors to make peace and share profit. During that time he meets a beautiful woman that does things to him that he’s not experienced in all of his days. But he does not know what to do about it. So much is at stake and the way he wants to go just does not seem realistic. Will he have a choice?

I enjoyed the idea of the story and really wanted to LOVE it and I believe with a bit more work it could be great! But it was difficult for me fully enjoy for various reasons. One being that one character should have one name. It’s understandable when a man is a father and a professional as well as owning his given name (Example: Dad, Jordan, Colonel), that's reasonable. But Jordan had too many names to keep count of and it made it hard to keep track of at various points with the who is who. The transitioning between chapters, dates, and characters was not done very smoothly. It was actually rather harsh at times and messed with the flow of the story. Those are the two main points that troubled me when reading Grail Chase. Even being so, I’d read book 2 of the series to see where Dara Rogel takes these passionate characters and the outcome.

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