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Review Fantasy Mountain By Piper Denna

"Fantasy Mountain"
Author: Piper Denna
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 292
Source: Publisher in exchange for a honest review.
Published: January 9, 2012
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Goodreads Blurb:

She arranges fantasy fulfillment for a living. Now it's her turn.Victoria has built a world-renowned business at Fantasy Mountain, the resort where no want is too wacky, no urge too unusual, no passion too peculiar. Her ability to create any sexual scenario has granted her everything she could want: power, money, independence. The one thing that remains out of her reach is the man she knows she'll never have...and he happens to work just down the hall from her. Brett has all but given up hope of breaching the wall around Victoria's heart. In fact, he's engaged to be married back in London in only two months. But he knows Victoria has desires; he's seen them firsthand. When a night of passion rekindles old feelings, can he finally fulfill the ultimate fantasy of the woman who's made it her mission to satisfy everyone's desires but her own? After all, whatever the erotic dream, it can come true at Fantasy Mountain.WARNING: Wild romps, no-holds-barred lust, and deep, meaningful lovemaking. A love story first, sparing no steamy details. Contains glimpses into very kinky fantasies.

My Review:
 A very interesting, entertaining, emotional and sensual read all based around an island that a woman created to help people’s fantasies come to life on many levels. Fantasy Mountain is a story an erotic romance reader will find intriguing.

Victoria has a hidden past that only she knows all the details of. This past has caused her to close herself off to relationships, commitment and love for herself. She’s living, working and content (well sort of) to help make others happy by bringing their fantasies to life. But what she does not realize is she’s already in love and still does truly desire things for herself, but can her friends and coworkers help her to realize thins and help her to love and truly love again?

I found the story of Victoria and Britt very engrossing and emotional. I definitely felt like a voyeur on the outside looking in to so many personal emotions and sensual situations that even had me blush a time or two. I look forward to more from this author, maybe even more of Victoria and Britt in the future (hint hint).

Overall Rating:

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