Monday, February 11, 2013

Character interview with Ryce Leon from His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages

Are we ready to get to know Ryce Book Junkies? Ready or not, here we go!

RBJ: How old are you exactly (no trimming of years, we want the truth)? 
Ryce: At the point you enter my life, I had been alive for over 400 years. Some of you may be thinking “around five lifetimes” however, you would off by an additional five. We did not have the extended lives you now enjoy. Death was a constant back then for everyone but me.

RBJ: You speak to Eventide as if he is a person. What's the deal with him and is he as old as you?
Ryce: My horse Eventide is one of those rare creatures – an old soul encased in fur. He is a friend in every way, intellect, heart, loyalty… no different than a man. Unfortunately for this Englishman, he is not affected with the curse and shall enjoy a normal existence.

RBJ: Are there any others like you?
Ryce: An excellent question.

RBJ: What do you have against the Scottish brogue? 
Ryce: Although it certainly has its distinctive charm, I find it tedious to translate slang. Far easier to demand my slaves and pets speak my na├»ve tongue. I am the Master.

RBJ: Now to the down and dirty that we got to know you a little bit. What is your favorite disciplinary tool to use on your women? What is your favorite tool to use to pleasure women? 
Ryce: I prefer the bullwhip. It demands my concentration. You see, I enjoy using an instrument that has the potential to main and kill. I can lick your skin with a gentle caress or strike with deadly vengeance. The power is mine.

RBJ: Have you ever imagined yourself being dominated? 
Ryce: Being dominated sexually? No. However, I do enjoy a battle of wits. Win and I may let you lay a hand on me, but expect settlement afterwards. I always have the last word.

RBJ: How long have you been a Dom?
Ryce: My Dominant tendencies found their roots in Japan. An enchanting girl there had much to teach me and that will be the next story I share. I have spent lifetimes building upon those lessons.

RBJ: Where did you live at the time of the curse? 
Ryce: It will be interesting when I can share more. I will say this, at the moment in my life I thought I had been given the greatest gift known to man. Time has gone out of her way to prove me wrong.

RBJ: Do you think you'll fall in love again? Or just kept it casual for another hundred years or so?? 
Ryce: Would I choose to love again? Never. It is not worth the pain for either party. However, it appears fate enjoys playing games. I resent her devilish ways. For if fate controls me, what is the point of my existence?

RBJ: Can your curse be passed on? If so, how? 
Ryce: God’s teeth! Why would I pass on this curse on to another? Foolish mortal.

RBJ: Will you visit the blog again someday soon and tell us about some of your adventures? 
Ryce: Gladly. A Master is always a gentleman but once the invitation is given, you will find there is no turning back.


deb said...

Very cool, would love to hear from Ryce again!

Becki Wyer said...

I love character interviews. Thanks Red and Ryce.

rmwyer at shaw dot ca

EL Lago said...

Great interview .. Thank you

Charlotte Salyers said...

Oh I would love to hear more from this extremely interesting and arousing Dom. Please lure him back to your den.

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