Sunday, March 3, 2013

Book Club: March's Reading

Hello Everyone,
I know the book club hasn't exactly gone over as well as I had hoped. Its been a little slow. I would really like to change that. If anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment. I would greatly appreciate that. 

This month we are going to be reading "Caressed by Midnight" Book #1 by Amanda Greene in anticipation of her new book coming out "Caressed by a Crimson Moon" Rulers of Darkness Book #3. 

Week 1 Discussion Chapters 1-12 on March 10th
Week 2 Discussion Chapters 13-25 on March17
Week 3 Discussion Chapters 26-Epilogue 

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So lets get reading!

Join the book discussion in the comments.


Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

Wow! The first twelve chapters are so hot and have so much sexual tension I couldn't sit still. What do you all think of Dorian? What kind of husband do you think he'll make being a vampire and her not knowing about it? I'm assuming that's going to be a big speed bump in their relationship. Do you think that the Aunt will give Margaret back to Victoria after she marries Dorian? I think she's a lying little witch and is going to do whatever it takes to keep Victoria from gaining custody of her little sister. So far the author Amanda Greene has lived up to the hype and has put out a very entertaining read so far. I'm really enjoying it. What are your thoughts so far?

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