Saturday, March 16, 2013

Interview with Author Annabel Joseph

1.    Please introduce yourself to the readers that may be new to your work.

Sure! My name is Annabel Joseph and I write BDSM romance. My books are not real dungeon-y or scary. They’re about people who are kinky in their everyday lives and the complications and emotions that arise in power exchange relationships. I also like to write stories that take place in the world of the arts. (I think artists can be very kinky people!)

2.    Will the Indie Romance Convention be your first convention and what are you looking forward to the most?

By the time I get there I will have been to Authors After Dark a couple months before. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply that experience and make this a fun time. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is just talking with readers. I love to hear what they think about my books and what else they’re interested in reading. I’m also doing a workshop on writing BDSM romance at the convention so I’m looking forward to that as well.

3.    What can people expect when meeting you at the convention?

Well…I have red hair. I’m kind of a nerd but I’m a friendly nerd. I don’t drink much so I’m not a party person but I love to talk and connect with people. I’m not super loud but I can get super silly for sure. I’m also totally not phased by any topic of conversation, ever, especially sex. I guess that’s an erotic romance writer for you.

4.    Tell us a little about your writing and the books you have written.

My books definitely fall on the erotic side of things, but at the same time they’re definitely romance (except for a couple novellas that were pure erotica). I really strive to have a good concept, theme, plot, and fully developed characters in my work, and not just a random bunch of sex scenes knitted together with some flimsy premise. Not that that kind of writing is bad, it’s just not what I do. I have fourteen BDSM romance novels out there, two BDSM novellas, and one vanilla book under the name Molly Joseph. I have some series, like the Comfort Series, the Mephisto Series, and the Fortune Series, but I also write one-off novels that are not part of a series. You can see all my books and learn more info about that here:

5.    Can you provide us with some links so that we can get more information on you and your books?

You can use the link above to find my books, and also to find my blog and “About me” page. Here are some more links you might find useful to learn more about me!

Annabel's two most recent novels:
Command Performance:  

Disciplining the Duchess: 


Kelsey Summer said...

I love Annabel Joseph. She's one of my go to writers. I always buy her books as soon as they come out (without waiting for any reviews), because I know I'll love them.

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