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Guest Post: "Sweet as Sin" by Kenya Carlton

I have Kenya Carlton on my blog today to do a guest post and talk a little about her book "Sweet as Sin". You can read Ava's review by scrolling down to the next post.

One More Try

Like all of you crazy book fiends, I read a lot and a lot of it fast, but I won’t re-read.  Once I’m done, I’m done unless I need to answer questions for a test and thankfully I’m not taking any.  Only a few books make the cut where I would even consider giving them another whirl. To be clear, I’m not a book snob. I just believe with so many books out there, I should keep it moving.  Life is short, and I won’t to get through a lot.  I compiled a small list of books that I would revisit in case of a book shortage inside of my home.

Anything by Stephen King but not the Dark Tower series. Sorry, cult followers, couldn’t get into it, but other than that I love all things Stephen King.  I have my absolute favorites, which could be culled into a whole other blog post.

Gemma Halliday, Spying in High Heels-This series is such campy fun.  The heroine is a shoe designer who falls into clothes and solving mysterious. I will be the first to admit my taste is all over the board.  Depending upon my mood, I tend to have different levels of brainpower I would like to exert, and this is level 10 chocolate and escapism, all aboard!

Eileen Rendahl’s Don’t Kill the Messenger series is completely unique and fun.  Melina gets her officer man in the first book, and he believes all the weirdness from the word jump.   You don’t really know which way this messenger for the supernatural book series will go. Normal underworld rules for this series do not necessarily apply.

Dean R Koontz’s Odd Thomas Series-This series is being made into a movie and that gives me the sweet shivers. I love Odd Thomas and just hope whoever is behind the introduction of this nerdy reluctant hero to the big screen doesn’t screw it up.

Sweet As Sin
By Kenya Carlton
Genre: Multicultural Paranormal Romance 

Sweet as Sin Blurb:

The rich and available Captain Drake Devilin had the biggest body count in World War I.  Injected with serum that turned him into something unnatural, Drake’s troop annihilated the enemy, but once his tour ended, Drake was plunged into a world of family tragedy and financial ruin.  

 Sienna Caldwell is stunning to even the biggest cynic; with her exotic looks and rich brown skin, the playboy wasn’t exempt from her charms.  Buckling under the pressure of his financially strapped inheritance, Drake makes a deal with the devil to marry the prosperous landowner in order to protect her.  

After one year, he can return the black beauty back to her island and collect on the fortune that will save his family’s reputation, but the task proves far easier said than done.   The war may have made Drake into something lethal, but he soon finds his new bride was born more powerful than he could ever imagine.  Not only does Drake have to figure out away to keep his hands off his alluring wife, but also he has to make sure she stays alive.

“May I?” The shadow at Sienna's small cottage door asked. Drake's muscular frame was a stark contrast to the chaos from the elements beyond him.

“Do you need an invitation?”

“For the sake of my honor and politeness, I certainly do,” Drake admitted. Not completely satisfied with his answer she considered his request. He may not be the undead but he was definitely something.

Sienna sat nestled in her favorite love seat, facing the fire finally relenting, she told him, “Be my guest.” She noted the quick way he surveyed his surroundings when he stepped across the threshold, first the exits-windows, d├ęcor than finally his eyes settled upon her. Unwilling to bend to his close scrutiny, she took a sip from her wine.

“It's cozy here, not anything like the resort. May I?” She nodded for him to help himself to her spirits as he took a seat in a cushioned chair. Masculine man, dainty chair taking up space with his mere presence made Drake appear even bigger and stronger than he had in the gazebo.

“Courage?” she asked him pouring a glass.

“Restraint,” Drake answered before holding it up for a toast. “To good decisions.”
“Good decisions,” she reiterated kissing his glass with hers. A moment was taken to drink and think before he began to press her for answers.

“It's a simple proposition,” he stated.

“Is it?” Sienna tightened the shawl she held around her bare arms, the fire made no difference to the temperature of the room; she merely made the fire for ambiance but now she felt exposed so close to this imposing man. The bright and colorful flames helped with her state of mind as well as the red wine and Mary Shelley book that now lay abandoned on her lap.

“You're exquisite,” he said matter-of-factly.

“That didn't sound much like a compliment, Mr. Devilin.”

“Why aren't you married?”

“A proposal has never come up.”

“I find that hard to believe.” In a single gulp, he finished his wine.
“How old are you, Mr. Devilin?”

“I‟m thirty six. Please call me Drake.”

“And you've never been married?”

His smile was one of a pure blooded playboy. “It's never come up,” he replied with a lopsided smirk.

“What's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander, I suppose.”
Sienna grabbed the wine bottle and offered him a refill; he gladly accepted.

“I understand my benefit in this whole crazy scheme but not yours.” He gently pushed.

“Does that make you uncomfortable, not knowing?”

“It makes me question the sanity of this request, Sienna. I don’t believe in one sided deals and I don't believe in modern day martyrs.”  From the intense look in his eyes, she believed what he said.

Agitated by this man's closeness and all he would change in her world, she uncurled her feet from beneath her and set them on the floor. The storm beyond her four walls picked up. Sienna crossed to the window to watch the thunder and lightning explode.

“I'm afraid my answer remains the same.”

Kenya has a B.A. in Mass communication, Television and Radio. She has fifteen years in production of television and film and five in television engineering. In 2009 Kenya Produced Dawn a short film and Executive Produced Destination Everywhere the pilot for a travel series through her production company Black R.O.K Productions established in 2008.


Rhonda D said...

This sounds like a very interesting book. I can't wait to see how long it takes before they can't keep their hands off each other. :) i love when they struggle against the attraction for a while. All the tension makes such a great read!

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