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Review: "A Light In The Darkness: An Anthology to Benefit Writing Out Child Abuse" by J.S. Wayne

"A Light In The Darkness: An Anthology to Benefit Writing Out Child Abuse"
Editied by: J.S. Wayne
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance and Historical Fiction
Pages: 215
ISBN: 9781936556427
Source: Review Copy
Published: June 14, 2012 by Black Velvet Seductions

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Goodreads Blurb:
In A Light in the Darkness, the inaugural anthology
from the authors of WOCA, a dark world awaits you.
Spanning centuries of time, encircling the globe, and
running the gamut from eerie historical fiction to gritty
urban fantasy to page-scorching erotic romance, these
authors unflinchingly dissect the horror of child abuse
in all its forms. These authors have taken great pains to
ensure the innocent are assured justice and the guilty
pay for their crimes in the unique fantasy worlds they
have created. Sadly, in real life, this is not always the case.

This book contains scenes of graphic violence and
honest depictions of child abuse. Readers who may
find such material unduly disturbing, objectionable, or
“triggering” are strongly advised not to read it.

Some of the newest and hottest names in fiction have
lent their talents to this collection, including Gillian
Colbert, Amber Green, R. Renee Vickers, Eric Keys,
Phoebe Valois, and J.S. Wayne. All of these authors are
united by one core belief, and with this collection, they
seek to turn their talents to a greater good.

One hundred percent of all proceeds from this
collection are being donated directly to Writing Out
Child Abuse. These proceeds will then be dispersed to
charities whose sole aim is to help survivors of child
abuse all over the globe. To learn more about WOCA or
their fund-raising activities, or to get involved yourself,

My Review:
This anthology was created to raise money for Writing Out Child Abuse. It consists of 5 very original stories from 5 very talented authors. You’ll find yourself cringing, crying, smiling, wanting to run and wanting to stick your hand in the pages to tear a head off of one or three of the characters. Each story is vividly written and told in an original way to express the theme of the book. You get a story written in a historical setting with one of the most vicious monster situations I’ve ever read; an erotic tale of a woman who has overcome her trying past, a partial demon who gets revenge on her attacker and saves others in the process and more.
I feel the need to advise fellow readers that there’s one minor F/F scene, a M/M scene and many other situations that some may find offensive or just may be sensitive to experience the intensity written throughout some the pages/stories. It contains scenes of graphic violence and honest depictions of child abuse and its suggested readers who might find such material disturbing, objectionable or  feel the subject matter may elicit strong feelings and unwelcome emotions are not advised to read it.
I did find some things disturbing, but none of it enough to have me stop from reading it altogether, but just enough to make me actually feel what the writer(s) were telling us. There is a little something for every type of reader in this book and I think anyone who wants to read something different or just support a great cause should give this book a try.

Overall Rating:

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