Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guest Post: Bonnie Bliss

What it’s like writing with my husband?

I bet you are all thinking it is fantastic right? To have a man that understands your craft, is as creative, and just as neurotic as you are.

First, I am going to smile, take a sip of wine, and then nod at you.

As much as I love, and I mean honestly love writing with my husband, it is hard. I think to write with anyone else is just hard. You have creative differences. For example, my husband is a male, a very Dominant male, and doesn’t understand at all the ‘romance formula’ to a book. But hot damn, the man can play an Alpha male. So with that being said, how can I possibly complain? We can take pen to paper and create some hot sex, get worked up. Then head to the bedroom after the little one is asleep, and get wild between the sheets.

Well, actually, that’s not accurate.

We sort of get wild all over the room, and then some.

What can I say? I can pretend, that I am not having the time of my life and doing the thing I love most, with the man I love most. Or I can lie and say, “Oh, it is horrible writing with a man!” I mean honestly, who better to write men, than a man? 

Halloween Submissive (October 9th)

Halloween has arrived and Tom Newton is stressed with his job as a fireman. His best friend Rob, a submissives’ wet dream, is having a play party on Halloween night. Lucy, a nurse who has secretly been crushing on Tom, has decided to go to the party. Tom has decided that he needs to release some tension, and have some fun during his time off. What Lucy and Tom don’t know is that Rob, his best friend, and Millie, Tom’s sister, have set this up. Join them as they enjoy a hot night of bondage play. Can it all run smoothly? Will true love blossom? Will the Master get his slave? There is only one way to find out.
A story packed with sultry moments of Dominance and submission. Halloween Submission promises to be the hottest holiday this year.
Warning: This book is intended for readers over the age of 18. It contains, but is not limited to intense bondage play, references of Sadomasochism, impact play, anal play, and one hot night on All Hollow’s Eve, you aren’t soon to forget.  



Rhonda D said...

I love books with both the female and male perspectives. I will definitely be trying you guys out. Thanks for sharing.

Julianne Keller said...

S0 Bonnie, does your husband come up with a lot of the ideas for the scenes in your books? Do you enact them to make sure they are able to be done?

love your books!

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