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Review: "Devil in the Making" by Victoria Vane

"Devil in the Making"
Author: Victoria Vane
Series: Devilish Vignettes #1
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 60
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: December 7, 2012 by Victoria Vane
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Goodreads Blurb:
**An illustrated prequel to the Devil DeVere Series
Every devil has a beginning... A rebellious young nobleman's prank with the king's lion goes comically awry, leading to a startling chain of events. A riotous Georgian romp in the tradition of Fielding's Tom Jones.
**This title is NOT a romance**

A Note from the Author:
When I first conceived A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE, a Georgian set, Hangover-inspired romantic comedy, I had no idea that one devilish secondary character would spawn an entire series, but Ludovic, Viscount DeVere, proved to be a dream come true. This larger than life character has captured the hearts of so many fans who have begged for more DeVere.So without further ado…. Here is how it all began….

"But I know that look, and it always bodes ill."
"Come now, Ned," DeVere cajoled. "With only weeks until matriculation, we may never get another chance to serve up some revenge on ole' Trasker."
"What have you in mind?" Simon asked.
"Since our dear pedagogue is so fond of bear-leading, why not procure one for him?"
Ned looked stunned. "You wish to buy a bear?"
"Of course not," DeVere answered.
"Thank God," Ned replied with a sigh of relief.
"I only wish to borrow one."
"A bear?" Simon repeated.
"Yes. It can be a small one. As to age, size, or gender. I am not particular."
"And how do you propose to find one?" Ned asked warily.
DeVere replied with a look of pure devilment. "I propose a midnight foray to the Royal Menagerie."

A short prequel to the Devil DeVere series that is an excellent addition and that had me with a smile on my face from start to finish and even for a bit after words for its effects lingered on. Any fan of the DeVere series MUST read this prequel and anyone out there looking for a great historical romance series (even though this one is not so much romance) will love this introduction to DeVere and his band of long time buddies :)

We get to see DeVere, Ned and others of the series at the start of their friendship. Yes, as teens! DeVere is 19 and attending school, well for a part anyway. He’s up to his usual antics and of course drags along his friend’s right with him carrying the confidence only DeVere has. Deciding to play a school prank that’s the prank of all possible pranks, let’s just say things DO NOT go as planned. We also get more background on DeVere’s parents that give us a very clear picture of why he feels the way he does about them when it’s mentioned later in the series. I have to say, I now have an even better idea of what makes DeVere the Devil he is.

Anyone out there that enjoys a just an all-around good read will have a blast with Devil in the Making.

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