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Review: "Ascension" by Felicity Heaton

Author: Felicity Heaton
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pages: 335
ISBN: 9781458108753
Source: Purchased
Published: April 23, 2011 by Felicity Heaton
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Goodreads Blurb:
A witch on the verge of achieving phenomenal power, Lealandra must turn to her half-breed demon ex-lover Taig for protection from the dark force that is after her and also from her own magic.

With her Counter-Balance dead and her coven against her, Taig’s blood and power is the only thing that can help her control her magic and survive the ascension and gain the strength to defeat her enemy.

Old feelings come flooding back as Taig allows her into his world and Lealandra finds herself fighting not only for survival but to win his broken heart again and heal the pain in their past. Can he forgive her for walking out on him all those years ago and will he ever believe her when she tells him that he’s not a monster but the man that she loves?

I love when a book starts of with major hot action! Ascension is another great read by Felicity Heaton that’s packed full of action, sensuality, mystery and amazing characters like she’s done many times over in her works. Any romance and paranormal genre reader out there will have a great time reading Ascension!

Lealandra is about to ascend into her full power but needs help to do so. She needs a balance to help her keep her power in check. The only person she can think to go to for help his someone she thought she’d never see again and had missed for many years, her ex Taig. Now she just has to figure out how to get him to help her without crossing any unsettling boundaries that she does not want to cross and still receive his help.

Taig is a half demon hottie that speaks his mind and is not one to be messed with! He has some acceptance issues (about himself) and holds a lot of hate towards his parents for abandoning him without a word. One thing that brightens his day and calms his demon has never changed from day one he was with her, Lealandra. But she had to leave him for reasons of her coven and regrets ever letting her go. Now that she comes to him in need of help; he will stop at absolutely nothing to protect her, forever!

Together these two are a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom and out getting some fighting action. A team in so many ways it gives the reader a sense of awe at how perfect they are. They both came a very long way by the end and what an end it is :)

Overall Rating:

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Alexa said...

Sounds like each of the characters really stood out and I love that there was a major steam factor to the book. I will have to look into this author and try her books.

Thanks for the great review.

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