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Review: "Dragon Blues" by Edie Ramer

"Dragon Blues"
Author: Edie Ramer
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pages: ebook
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: February 15, 2011 by Edie Ramer
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Once a dragon. . .
Saxophone player Noah Long shifted from dragon to human 2500 years ago, but the dragon blood still coursing through his veins has kept him healthy and virile. Now his secret is out, and the man who discovered it will do anything to make Noah's blood his own. Noah's only ally is martial arts expert Lila Fox, who heats up the fire in his belly. . . and his heart.

Twice a killer. . .
Lila Fox's first kill was at age sixteen after her stepfather put her mother in a wheelchair. Fourteen years later, she kills another abuser to save a woman's life. When the man who wants Noah's blood kills her sister, she can't let the death go unanswered. She teams up with the strangely compelling Noah, and discovers he's not all man and has a few tricks of his own.

I’m a HUGE fan of dragon shifters and this was my second time reading this story and I enjoyed it just as much as the first! There’s so much to enjoy within; great characters, a ton of emotion, a hot male/dragon, a kick butt heroin and a sweet and touching romance that will curl your toes. Any paranormal romance reader will love the escape they get with Dragon Blues.

Lila is a very strong, independent and dangerous woman that knows how to defend herself in any given situation. Actually, she’s so well trained her body is a lethal weapon! Having actually killed twice in her life protecting others, she’s afraid of what the outcome may be if she’s found out, but keeps going forward and living her life. Receiving a call from a stranger that her sister is in need of her, she packs up and runs straight to her only to find an uncomfortable situation that she’s trying her best to deal with. This stranger is a very handsome man that was only trying to help her sister and she finds herself very attracted to him, but keeps pushing it away. When she finds out her sister has been murdered only days after first seeing her, she plans to find the murderer and give him what he deserves, a painful death. But will she have to find him and complete her revenge alone or will Noah accompany her and help her find who it is?

Noah is a lone male, and is also a dragon, a very fine one at that! He has lived thousands of years, a very lonely and solitary life by his own choice. His love of music has kept him feeling alive and in human form for many of his years. The only other things he’s ever loved are his cat and his treasures, that’s until he meets the beautiful warrior, Lila. She does strange things to him that are unfamiliar and he finds the pull hard to resist. But he’s lost on how to proceed without pushing her away.

These two go through so much together and make an amazing team! Be ready for an emotional, sensual and exciting ride :)

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