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Eve Langlais' huge FUC'd Giveaway

F.U.C. Bundle
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Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter/Humorous Romance
It started with an energetic bunny and a grumpy bear. It continued with a geeky swan and her playboy bear. And then we encountered an ornery croc who couldn't help falling for a foxy lady.

The three F.U.C. stories you've come to love are now available in one handy bundle. Hours of romantic and humorous entertainment. Contains previously released stories:

  • Bunny and the Bear
  • Swan and the Bear
  • Croc and the Fox

    Isn't it time you got F.U.C.'d? lol. Find out what has readers giggling and get your Furry United Coalition bundle today.

  • Bears and bunnies aren’t supposed to mix, or that’s what Chase keeps telling himself when his bouncy new neighbor won’t stay out of his business—and his mind. However, the more he gets to know his overly perky neighbor, the more he craves her, a desire worse than his addiction to honey and pie.

    Miranda’s on a mission for the Furry United Coalition, and it involves secretly guarding one grumpy ol’ bear. Staying focused on the job isn’t easy when all she can think about is turning his frown upside down, a task made harder when she gets a glimpse of his passion. When she hears about his theory on woodland creatures and predators not mixing, she thinks all is lost, but she didn’t count on a bear’s curious nature—and possessive need.

    When an evil force abducts Chase, Miranda unleashes her bunny in order to save him, but the revelation of her shifter side puts her in danger. Is one ornery bear enough to save her from a mad scientist? And if he does, can a bear forget her woodland creature status long enough to love her and make her his mate? 

    Mason, a true ladies man and a big teddy of a bear, is on a mission to protect the shifter community. Who is he to complain if that task requires him to guard FUC’s tech wizard—a curvy mocha hottie who knows how to bring him to his knees.

    Jessie has no patience for a bear who flirts every time he breathes. Despite his appeal, and smoking good looks, she refuses to give in to his charm. She can’t because this swan princess is already promised to another.

    When an evil mastermind sets his sights on her, will one playful bear be enough to save her feathery tail from danger? And if Mason manages to steal her heart who will save him from her daddy—the not-so-nice swan king.

     A career military man, Viktor lives for the next mission – and his collection of weapons -- but a raid on an experimental lab makes him an unwilling protector, mostly because he can’t peel Renee off. A cold blooded croc, he never intended to settle down, but he didn’t count on a foxy lady warming his heart.

    The world outside the laboratory was a big scary place. Unsure of how to deal with it, Renee latches onto the biggest, baddest, and sexiest, warrior around. Sharp toothed and with ice in his veins, Viktor’s violent side should have sent her running, but instead, she finds the courage to face her fears –and tame the lizard.

    When danger comes knocking, with the intention of turning her lizard into a high priced fashion accessory, will Renee embrace her foxy side and show a croc she’s got what it takes to be his mate?

    And will they finally vanquish the evil known as mastermind?

    Eve has generously donated a ebook copy of the FUC Bundle and some awesome swag including a t-shirt, notepad and keychain to one lucky commenter. Just leave a comment telling Eve what animal you think would make a great FUC agent. This giveaway is US/Canada only due to shipping. Good Luck!


    Yvette said...

    I would love to see a cheetah used in the story.

    Kaylyn D. said...

    How about a black panther? They are sleek & sexy. They are such beautiful creatures. I really love your writing. The humor/sarcasm is freaking awesome. I can't wait for Already Freak'n Mated!

    Becki Wyer said...

    I still think a Rhino or Hippo would make a great FUC agent lol.

    Dragon Momma said...

    What about a tiger??? They are beautiful, able to be quiet and stealthy, and they can blend in with certain surroundings.

    SO love your books!!! Looking forward to what EVER you have planned next!

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

    Jen said...

    I'm a huge fan of her's and love this series! She has such a great imagination for her characters! Would love to win this

    stewart . jen 16 @ gmail . com

    T.L said...

    Omg Eve is a great writer,her stories always leave me wanting more lol,how about a Black Panther??they are smooth,stealthy and beautiful,they would make a great agent!!!!
    I would so love to win this and thank you for doing this:)

    spacegirl91377 said...

    I think a cheetah would make a great FUC agent.

    Joanne said...

    What about a panther or a jaguar. They're both fast, beautiful animals.


    Carin said...

    I am going away from the big scary and thinking stealth, So I am going to say hamster. They are small and can get into almost anything, the bite to defend themselves and the are horny little buggers have you ever had a hamster get lost in the 2nd grade class LOL! thanks Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

    Victoria Taylor said...

    Big fan of the FUC series. If I was a shifter, I would work at FUC. There is really no better job for a shifter. Being a FUC agent is just awesome. Anyway… I’m kinda fascinated with hyrbid animals. It’s amazing what nature and breeding programs can do. So I think I would be a grolar bear shifter. The offspring of a grizzly bear and a polar bear. That would make a great FUC agent. Just saying. SO I pick grolar bear for the win!

    Drake said...

    I'm gonna go with a raccoon. They're sneaky. Haha. emily joy drake at gmail dot com

    erin said...

    Thanks for a fun giveaway! I've been *dying* to read Eve's series :)

    Ummm... an eagle?


    Anonymous said...

    Wolf or a Panther :)

    Beth said...

    I'm a little bit crazy, so how about an Elephant? She or he might be a little big, but that just means there's more of them to love.

    Or a cross between a dragon and a dinasour?

    Julia Mills said...

    I think it would be the coolest thing ever to be a shifter and then to be an FUC agent would put it over the top!
    An eagle shifter would be my dream!! (Even have eagle tattoos-yep! just love them!)
    Have read every book of Eve's that I could get for my kindle! ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE her as an author. Her writing is captivating, sexy, and hilarious!!! I really think of them as real people!! LOL!!
    Have a SUPER day!

    June M. said...

    First off, I love Eve's books! They have a great balance of humor and sexiness :) I loved the first book of this series but have not read the others yet.

    I think a good shifter in North America might be a Mountain Lion. But then I have never seen any primate shifters so some sort of Gorilla would be cool too.

    Thanks so much for the great giveaway. Have a great weekend :)
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    Sophia Rose said...

    I think something like an Armadillo or Porcupine for a ground agent or a hawk for an aerial agent.

    I've only read the alien books and they were fab so I look forward to trying this series.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    *yadkny* said...

    How about a giraffe? :) Awesome giveaway!

    Julianne Keller said...

    I'm thinking an eagle. It could fly over crime scenes and watch with it's eagle eye and then it would make it easier to nab the criminals. The eagle could also follow suspects and then they could be captured.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

    Cassie Hoffman said...

    I would have to say a panther!!!

    Taylor F said...

    I want to be a FUC agent! I will the best shifter for the job as a prehistoric American Lion. They are huge and powerful. 25% bigger than the modern lion and are quite fierce. Not to mention, they are gorgeous creatures with a little mane action going on. I think that would be awesome as a FUC agent.

    bn100 said...

    I think a coyote would make a good agent.


    Mary Jo said...

    great question! Polar Bear..or if we can go mythical, I love dragons :)

    maryjooller at yahoo dot com

    Marie said...

    I would suggest a shark or seal. Depending on personalities, the shark will get the job done by attacking head on while a seal might be playful and sneaky. :)

    Fuerte541 at aol dot com

    Tanya said...

    I'd think a Cheetah or a Gazelle would make great agents!

    elaing8 said...

    I think a Cheetah would be a good one.
    Thanks for the giveaway

    Stacy Richman said...

    I am a fan of coyotes. They are clever and misunderstood. They can also be down right mean.

    tinyauthor at yahoo dot com

    Texas Book Lover said...

    I love big cats so I say either a leopard or black panther!

    mmafsmith AT gmail DOT com

    Anonymous said...

    how about a sabertooth beaver since there was a sabertooth bunny!!! beaver & the wolf...he will be howlin for beaver !!! lol its a thought

    Kelsey Summer said...

    I'd love to see a sleek, black panther. Love Eve's books.

    kesummer69 at gmail dot com

    Pamk said...

    A panther. This series sound great.

    Scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

    Taylor F said...

    Who won? I'm curious to see who and what animal won the giveaway.

    Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

    And the winner is Pamk! She suggested a panther as the next FUC agent. (Her answer had no relevance on the outcome of the giveaway. The winner was chosen using

    Marlene Breakfield said...

    an elephant and a bear

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