Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: "Restoring Love" by Marissa Dobson

"Restoring Love"
Author: Marissa Dobson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 35
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.

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Amazon Blurb:
 When Danielle Bradworth inherits a house from an Aunt she barely knew, her life is changed forever. Family secrets and a threatening potential buyer for a house she doesn’t want to sell could equal disaster for Danielle.

A handy man living in the groundkeeper’s cottage could do more than restore the house to its former glory. He could also restore her heart … but will she let him?

My Review:
A short, sweet and complete read by a new to me author Marissa Dobson.
Danielle moves into a home that was left to her by her Aunt (whom she barely knew). Looking at the house  from the outside she sees she has a lot of work cut out for her. However, once she steps foot on the inside, it’s altogether another story. Excited to complete the restoring process and thinking of what needs to be done, she’s approached by Mason, handy man extraordinaire and neighbor. Mason has rented the ground keeper’s cottage from Danielle’s aunt for some time and offers introduction and help to her to make her feel welcome as well as be a good neighbor.
There’s a bad guy in the mix that is impossibly annoying and extreme. Rumors are he does not stop until he gets what he wants and what he wants in the house Danielle inherited. Danielle and Mason will not hear it. They make it so no more has to be heard from the sour, annoying man. Little by little Danielle and Mason get closer and the attraction they have to one another is undeniable.
A fun quick read that has sweet kisses, playful moments, a hot handy man and great food! An enjoyable read for anyone looking for something quick, satisfying and fun :)

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