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Review: Midnight Revelations" by Lakisha Spletzer

"Midnight Revelations"
Author: Lakisha Spletzer
Series: Werelove #2
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Pages: 456
ISBN: 9781453786895
Source: Purchased from Amazon
Published: May 13, 2011 by Createspace
Author's Website:

Goodreads Blurb:
 "Hi, my name is Laylah Cherie Le Croix, and being ignorant can be life-threatening."

Laylah is searching for answers. Dissatisfied with the silence from her caretakers on the subject of her kidnapping and, unnerved by her Father's sudden interest in her life, Laylah eagerly anticipates graduation day and the freedom to pursue her own goals.

She secretly continues to see her boyfriend, Donil Silentshadow, who values her as a person and gives her the love she desperately needs.

Were Council politics and a familiar enemy's insidious plans collide with the couple's happiness and threaten to unleash the hidden inter-tribal feuding amongst the Weres.

Will Laylah be able to navigate the onslaught of this latest disaster or will the secret, those around her are keeping, finally consume her?

My Review:
Once again such a great read I finished it in a day! This one has more action and unexpected surprises that have you at the edge of your seat. The ending... OMG!! I hope book 3 comes out very soon because the suspense has my belly in knots! My review will be short. I want to give you an idea without ruining anything for a future reader. There really is a lot going on and the surprises within with have you voicing aloud :D

Laylah's 18th birthday is right around the corner. So is her graduation from high school. She is glad that she'll finally be considered an adult and get out of her father's jail, as well as away from him. She's not in the dark as much as she was for the last book. But still does not know enough. Donil finally tells her his intentions and she could never have been happier. But will her father once again rain on her parade? You are going to have to read for yourself to see what unfolds. I warn you to be ready for many emotions that are beyond your control ;)
Another work by Lakisha Spletzer that I recommend to any paranormal lovers out there that enjoy a great escape from everyday realities with a book to make the escape with. 

Overall Rating:

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