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Guest Post & Giveaway: "The Beach" by Jaye Frances

I'd like to welcome back a old friend Jaye Frances to the Romance Book Junkies. She is here today to do a guest post and she has donated a Kindle edition ebook of "The Beach" for a giveaway.

Thank you, Danielle, for having me back on Romance Book Junkies with my new sci-fi fantasy release, The Beach, a “duella” including the bonus suspense thriller Short Time.

When I was working on this particular book, I knew that I wanted to combine two different stories that expressed a common theme, yet stood independently on their own merit. Both tales are written from the male point of view, and my hope is that the perspective of these two very divergent men will strike a familiar—and unnerving—chord with the reader.

The commonality shared by these men? As each struggles with the disappointments of life, they are presented with an opportunity to change their circumstances. As their choices become an irrevocable destiny, the consequences of their actions are eerily similar.

In the following excerpt from the bonus novella Short Time, the main character is enjoying the good life, unconcerned about anything, or anyone, that doesn’t serve his personal agenda. Believing he’s fallen through the cracks of the system, he pursues a hedonistic lifestyle without a second thought to the bill that has yet to be paid.

Here’s an excerpt from Short Time:

“Slow down, take it easy. You’re acting like this is going to be your last piece of ass.”

I relaxed my grip and lifted my hands, leaving red dimpled imprints where I’d squeezed her thighs. Marking her.

“I’m small, like a pixie,” she’d said on the phone. “And I’m expensive. VERY expensive.”

“You worth it?” I’d asked.

“You won’t have any complaints.”

She was right—worth every penny.

She was a tiny girl, perfectly proportioned with gravity-immune breasts, a sculpted waist, and Pilates-toned thighs. Her entire body was brown from the sun, the color unbroken by tan lines, and when she’d first laid back on the bed, I’d been content to run my hands up and down the entire length of her, letting my fingers linger in the cracks and crevices, amazed by the smoothness of her skin.

Her face had a comforting welcome, not pretty the way a high school homecoming queen is pretty, but still softy innocent, without a hint of the hardness that was no doubt building just under the surface. I especially liked her short dark hair, and the way she let me grab it from behind as I play-forced her head down on my cock.

I wondered how old she was, and then realized I didn’t care. I leaned back against the headboard, deriving nearly as much pleasure from watching the muscles in her butt flex and quiver as I did from the skill of her mouth.

“You didn’t pay for all night so we need to wrap it up.” She looked up at me with a childlike seriousness that reminded me of my neighbor’s daughter asking me to buy another box of trail scout cookies.

“How much for all night?”

“Another five thousand.”

“You’re not worth another five thousand. No whore is worth that kind of money.”

“Then it’s now or never, stud. I can give you another ten minutes, that’s all. So you better climb on if you want to finish.”

I tucked her slight form underneath me and slid inside.

Tomorrow I’ll have myself a couple of blondes. But no dye jobs.

Two real blondes.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the stories:

Alan loves the beach. More than a weekend respite, it is his home, his refuge, his sanctuary. And for most of the year, he strolls the sand in blissful solitude, letting nature—and no one else—touch him. But spring has given way to summer, and soon, the annual invasion of vacationers and tourists will subdivide the beach with blankets, umbrellas, and chairs, depriving Alan of his privacy and seclusion—the fundamental touchstones of his life.

Resigned to endure another seasonal onslaught of beach-goers, Alan believes there is nothing he can do but prepare for the worst. 

But fate has other plans.

Delivered to him on the crest of a rogue wave, the strange object appears to have no purpose, no practical use—until Alan accidentally discovers what waits inside. Now he must attempt to unravel an ageless mystery, unaware that the final outcome will change his life, and the beach, forever.

In the companion novella Short Time, you’ll meet a respectable but bored middle-class executive, who exchanges his future for six months of excess and extravagance, only to find out the price he must pay for his hedonistic indulgence is beyond anything he could have imagined.
Jaye Frances is the author of The Kure, a paranormal-occult romance novel, The Possibilities of Amy, a coming-of-age romance, The Cruise-All That Glitters, a humorous adult satire about looking for love at sea, and The Beach, a sci-fi fantasy about a man who is given the opportunity to receive his ultimate wish and lives to regret it. She is also a featured columnist for the NUSA SUN magazine. Born in the Midwest, Jaye readily admits that her life’s destination has been the result of an open mind and a curiosity about all things irreverent. When she’s not consumed by her writing, Jaye enjoys cooking, traveling to all places tropical and “beachy” and taking pictures—lots of pictures—many of which find their way to her website. Jaye lives on the central gulf coast of Florida, sharing her home with one husband, six computers, four cameras, and several hundred pairs of shoes. For more information, visit Jaye’s website at, or Jaye’s Blog at

The Beach  is available now in kindle eBook on Amazon
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Until September 15, 2012
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Yvette said...

Good Morning you come up with the cover idea before the book or as you write?

Jaye Frances said...

Hi, Yvette. Great question. In this case, it was a combination of both. The pillar of rock is symbolic, so that was definitely in the design. As it turned out, the reflecting sunlight became even more prophetic by story's end. Thank you for the comment and good luck!
Jaye Frances

Tore said...

I would love to read this book. It sounds very good. Please enter me in contest.

bn100 said...

This sounds like a good book.

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