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Author Spotlight and Giveaway: Eve Langlais

Eve Langlais 
I am a personal fan of Eve's. I have not read all her books but I love her writing style. She makes it easy to connect with  her heroines, her stories are hot (so beware), she has an original style and she has a sense of humor. I highly recommend reading one of her books. You can look on this site for my review of "Take a Chance." Today we'll do a short interview, tell a little about her books and we will be giving away the first two books in her Alien Mate series in PDF format.
Eve is  in her mid thirties, has been married ten years and has three children aged nine, six and three. This is what she had to say about her writing style: 
I'm writing fantasy the way I like it--hot with a touch of magic. I enjoy reading and writing stories that push the envelope of what we consider normal, and I love to cross the line into fantasy. I tend to have alot of sexual tension in my tales as I think all torrid love affairs start with a tingle in our tummies. My heroes are very male, you could even say border line chest thumping at times. So if you want a truly sensitive man, I am not for you. But that said, my men will do almost anything for the one they love. Even babysit.
You can learn more about Eve by visiting her site at:

How long have you been writing?
I began writing Take A Chance in February of 2009 and received my first contract for that same story in August of 2009. Now published with Champagne Books, my first novel is a sweet fantasy romance of how a modern day librarian(glasses and all) falls in love with a cursed wizard. Since then, I have been writing my  ass off  with great results.

You have so many books coming out or that came out recently, how do you keep up?
I thrive on pressure even as it frazzles me. LOL. The most important thing, I've discovered, is to stay on top and not get behind on things.

Who is your favorite author and is there any that have inspired you?
I love Kresley Cole. She has created a fabulous paranormal world. Her characters are vivid and interesting, especially her strong and sexy heroes. Reading one of her books always makes me walk away feeling good. I want my readers to feel that same way.

Tell us a little about your Alien Mate Series.
LOL, I never expected how popular my big blue alien would be. Alien Mate is a story of abduction. Kor, the hunky blue hero, comes to earth to claim his mate--completely naked. Diana, the chosen one, is plump and feisty and when he orders her to become his mate, she laughs at him and tells him no. He kidnaps her and well, you'll have to read it to find out what happens next, but I promise, there is some alien probing of a pleasurable kind.

Alien Mate 2 came about because readers clamored for more blue. How could I say no? So a sequel was born, revolving around a new blue babe called Lex. The oracle and his ancestors have chosen a mate for him and his mission is simple--find and bond with her. And that's where everything goes wrong. His spacecraft teleporter malfunctions and he ends up on earth being chased by the military. But that's nothing compared to what happens next for he discovers the mate he's come to claim isn't the one he wants. For an alien to whom honor means everything, can he forgo tradition and claim instead the earthling who's stolen his heart?

I love alien stories of love. There is something so utterly romantic about it--and possible. I am also in lust with the Alien Mate covers-- talk about yummy abs!

Fun Stuff:
Your favorite book- No don't make me choose just one. I can't do it, I love so many.
Your favorite movie- Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark
Your favorite color- Blue
Your favorite food- chips and dip
What are you reading right now? Doppleganger by Marie Brennan
What is your favorite travel destination? I don't like to travel lol. I'm a homebody.

 Books with Links:



"Wickedest Witch" (Coming Soon)

If you could ask the readers of this spotlight one question, what would it be?
Do heroines always have to be butt kicking, opinionated, courageous and strong willed? Being a shy and somewhat meek person myself, while I dream of being a larger than life heroine, sometimes I'd like to read about someone more like me who screams at spiders and would prefer to hide behind a big strong man, but publishers really frown on that. What do you think?

Alien Mate Series Giveaway: We will be giving away the first two ebooks in Eve's Alien Mate series both in PDF format. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment with your answer to Eve's question above. The winners will be announced on September 1, 2010 so check back to see if you won. If you don't contact me before September 3rd I will be drawing another winner and so on. Good Luck!

Thank you Eve!


Magic Faerie said...
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Magic Faerie said...

Hi Danielle, I’d love to enter your giveaway please. Eve Langlais is one my too read pile and one of the authors I’d like to get to really soon!

I love heroines of the butt kicking, opinionated, courageous and strong willed variety. It’s part of the appeal of a lot of PNR/UF books. BUT I’m not adverse to them being shy and retiring types either! If a heroine is shy or meek that’s fine, some people are, but I would still like to see strength in her. It need not be physical but she must be of strong enough of character to believably carry off whatever challenges are thrown at her.

A weak character may also have a place too if that’s the point of that particular heroine!

Magic Faerie's Paranormal Review

Carolyn F said...

I also don't mind when the heroines aren't kick butt and are just normal, taking emergencies as they come the way a normal person would react. But I also like reading about the kick butt girls and pretend I would react the same way.

Eve Langlais said...

LOL thanks for the answers and good luck in the draw.

dragon_cb said...

I sometimes get a little bored with the common courageous, outspoken, heroines/heroes, who coincidently somehow know some kind of fighting style to defend themselves, and turn up just at the right time. I seriously like the sound of Alien Mate 2, I think that sometimes its more interesting when things don't go to plan, and the characters aren't always fully equipped for what is-or about too-happen to them.
I enjoy reading and writing about real people, with real dramas but I also like to read/write about larger than life, sometimes unrealistic characters. Sometimes escaping from the mundane is just what I need.
And just because you are shy and meek does not mean you can't be a heroine or hero!!!

Danielle said...

I'm not entering to win but I wanted to answer Eve's question. I like a heroine that is shy and meek sometimes. I find it helps me connect with the character. I know that a courageous kick ass heroine is nothing like I'll ever I think thats why I liked "Take a Chance" so much.

Eve Langlais said...

It's funny, I love both types of heroines, but realistically, I'm the meek heroine who screams at icky bugs and who almost faints at the sight of violence, but in an odd twist, if I feel my family is threatened watch out, mama's got claws!

Anonymous said...


Nice getting to know you. I'm a big fan of Kresley Cole too!!!

Your books look really interesting and I love scifi romance.

I do like to read about kick-ass heroines who don't take s**t from the hero, especially if he is über-alpha!! But meek ones can be fun too, especially if they learn to get a bit of a back-bone throughout the story.

I'd love to be entered into the drawing.

in Germany

Stephanie said...

Hi Eve! As I like to say variety is the spice of life...and book genres...or in this case main characters! lol Kick-ass women are great but you can't read the type of person all the time and not get tired of the perdictability. Plus its down right fun watching a meek mouse turn into a tiger--even as she quivers inside.

Now here's a question or two for you ... who was the first alien you fell for? And are you Blue men inspired by them or someone/thing else?

Only fair for me to answer also ... the first alien I fell for was in Return of the Jedi. He was cute and fuzzy and who could resist an Ewok? Yea, I was 5 at the time. lol But it was aliens that brought me back to reading a few years ago thanks to Roswell. Hot, hunky aliens and all sorts of drama! I was totally hooked.

Thanks for the contest!!


*yadkny* said...

OMG! Blue aliens how cool is that? I've put them in my TBR list:) I actually read and an awesome review for Lucifer's Daughter and I went online and bought it, so I can't wait to dig into that one! Thanks so much for the contest opportunity:)

Erica said...

Answer to the question:
Sometimes I get annoyed at all the strong willed women. Sure this handsome, rugged man has come to rescue you, and btw has a very large penis (don't they all), but in the mean time the bad guys are chasing you, burned down your house, or you lost your job, or your dog or or scared, or some other tragedy. However, you are too strong to cry. Uhh, I don't think so. I think sometimes our heroines need to be sad sobfests, because that's how I would be in the situation.

Thanks for the contest.

Eve Langlais said...

Wow another pile of great comments. You're all giving me the courage to write a story of a meek lady who finds love and courage, but who doesn't have to wield a sword or have super-duper kung fu moves.

@Stephanie As to who my first alien love was...Does Han Solo count? LOL. Seriously, I'd have to say it was the concept of alien abduction that made me want to write Alien Mate and not one particular alien. I thought how romantic would it be if an alien abduction and forced marriage turned into true love, even though they're not even from the same galaxy or species. Who wouldn't want a love that transcends space and time? Not to mention, my aliens are totally hot lol!

And to Yadkny -- thanks for buying Lucifer's Daughter. Do let me know how you like it!


Beth said...

I think as long as the story is well written and the heroine isn't a wimpy, simpering ball of angst, it really doesn't matter to me if she can kick ass as well as the guy or not. Just so long as the two of them are well balanced.

Andrea I said...

Danielle, I enjoyed the interview.
As far as Eve's question,I like heroines who can kick butt, are opionated and strong willed.
I also enjoy reading about heroines who don't have all those qualities.

Beverly said...

I love the kick ass heroines, but sometimes it's really fun to read about the meek, shy one who finds it in themselves to be heroic. Thanks for hosting. Please enter me. I am a follower.

Eve Langlais said...

Love the responses!

I've got a story one who's cover is being worked on now with a heroine who starts out kind of meek and unsure, but by the end finds out she can and will stand up for herself. Crazy is coming soon from Liquid Silver. Sometimes the voices in your head don't mean you're crazy.

Danielle said...

Awesome Eve! Thanks!

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