Monday, August 2, 2010

Review of "Raised by Wolves" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

"Raised by Wolves" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Series: Raised by Wolves Series Book #1
 Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-1606840597

 This is a different take on werewolves with teens and kids as a focus. The pack and their bond interesting. I liked Bryn right from the start, she was sarcastic and snarky, a human in the world of wolves, but that didn't stop her from doing what she wanted in that world. I liked that Bryn was so driven by her instinct to tell her what she needed to do, what was right for her and the people around her.

I had a hard time with Callum. At times I thought he was inappropriate with Bryn, but after learning everything about him and his abilities I both hate him and admire and like him. I know he was doing what he thought was right, but sometimes the right thing doesn't always sit well.

I think this book really set things up to be the first in a great series, or maybe that is just my hope!

Rating: 4 Stars
Review by Darcy
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Chrizette said...

I am having a hard time with this book and have decided to put it aside for awhile. I really dislike Bryn - she just seem to be difficult. Maybe I am just not in the right frame of mind, so I will give it some time before I try again. :)

Danielle said...

Maybe Bryn is just going to be one of those people you just don't like for whatever reason. People's taste vary so much. Sometimes I find that I don't like a character right away and grow to love them by the end and I think that some authors do this on purpose to show how the character grows throughout the story.

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