Sunday, September 9, 2012

Book Club: "Once Burned" Week 1 Discussion Questions

Week 1 is over and it's time for our first book club discussion and I'm sure you all have a lot to say about this weeks book. You are not required to answer all or any of the questions we provide we just want to hear your thoughts on what you read this week. If you were bad and read on past Chapter 11 please do not spoil the book for everyone else in your comments.

1. What did you think of the carnival people at the beginning of the book? And did it set a tone for you of what was to come?

2. What do you think about Leila's character?

3. Who is your favorite character so far? Why?

4. What did you think about Leila's premonition of her and Vlad in bed together? Do you think Leila will really try to change her premonition of her and Vlad being together?

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Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

When I first started reading this book the carnival people through me off I was thinking how weird this book was going to be and so unlike Jeanine's other works. I had no idea were the story was headed. I find I really like Leila's character but I think her ability to shock people is very unique and different but we are reading a paranormal right? I also love how Vlad rewired the house for her I found that to be sooo sweet and a true sign he has feelings for her. Of course my favorite character is Vlad who couldn't get over how alpha and sexy this man is and even I'm scared of him but that wouldn't stop me from humping him down. I'll tell you that much. lol I was totally surprised by Leila's premonition it came at a unpredictable time and blew me away. I LOVED it. and it makes me hungry for more of this book. Do I think Leila's going to try to change it? No way unless she's a crazy women. I just have to say I'm loving this book so far and I think we picked a great book to read for our first book club month. I look forward to hearing everyone elses thoughts so don't be shy and let us have it. I don't think we could have stopped at a better part in the book this week what do you guys think?

ReneAva said...

First off I HAVE to say.. Danielle, that was a perfect place for us to stop.. Really, I was at the edge of my seat and in a huff because I did not want to go ahead. I actually plan on continuing after I'm done with this :)

I LOVE Carnies and felt they added a certain creepy 'air' to the setting. My favorite one was the bearded lady-lol

I love Leila's character. I feel that she's been through a lot with the whole zapping people going on for her and she makes the best out of her situation. That shows strength and character.

Ok, this one is a no brainer.. VLAD!!! Hands down. He's handsome, strong, dominant and has a lot of layers that I would LOVE to peel through ;)

LOL- Love this question! I think Leila is going to TRY (key word being TRY) to change the premonition with NO success. Well at least that's what I'm hoping for :)

Now I'm off to continue this amazing read! I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am. Even if stopping for discussion is pure torture- LOL

Redd said...

Hallos! I liked the Carnies. It took me second to get a grasp on the setting but then it took off. Did it set the tone? Yes..because it made the people real and made you curious as to the move of the story. Honestly at first I got a Rogue kinda impression on Leila but yep she's definitely my fave character so far, and I like how Frost has made Leila a woman with some steel to her character.

One could see where Frost could've easily turned Leila into any type, scaredy, whiney, spoiled and whatnot, but Leila impresses with her strength, and smarts.

Leila's impression was like an oooh moment, and you can't help but love how real she was in standing her ground against his royal pushiness. XD It was a shock and understandably why, considering she had just met the dude but the charge between them seemed to get stronger the longer they were together.

Leila's full of sass and sassafras...she's going to do her darnedest to fight things and then who knows.. he'll grow on her?? *impish grin*

ReneAva said...

LOl Redd!!! Love all of your descriptions! Leila is full of sass and It makes me enjoy her character even more for it :)

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