Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guest Post: "Hybrid's Love" by Seraphina Donavan

I have Seraphina Donavan here today on her tour to do a guest post and share her new book with us "Hybrid's Love". 

Writing is always a gamble.  Markets shift, interests wax and wane.  Two decades ago the romance genre was rife with Vikings and Pirates.  A decade ago vampires became all the rage.  Now we have shapeshifters.  It’s never easy to pinpoint when those tides will turn, and when the public will demand a new kind of hero.  But it isn’t just the hero who has to change with the times.  The heroine does not get off scot free.  The days of shy retiring virgins are long gone.  Women in books have to reflect women in the real world.  Even in historical novels, we are now finding heroines who have careers, who have *gasp* had sex before and LIKED it. 

So what can we attribute these changes to?  Let’s face it, the bodice rippers of old (and I use that term lovingly) did not reflect where women were socially, but rather where we had been.  The frustration inherent to reading a novel and feeling as stifled as the characters gave birth to a whole new generation of authors who threw the old rule book out the window.  Women became tough, smart mouthed and above all, capable.  Men have maintained alpha status but given up the misogyny that marked the genre. 

There is another outgrowth of these shifts within the romance world... the juggernaut of the erotica genre.  By unlocking these doors, or perhaps simply refusing to acknowledge that they existed, erotica has become main stream.  Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey helped, but it isn’t solely responsible.  The heat level in most mainstream romances has crept up steadily, and there’s no longer such a hard and clear line where romance ends and erotica begins.  The world of romance and erotica now encompasses every era and every type off world, both real and imagined, and every type of relationship with any number or gender of partners.  Quite simply, it is an exciting time to be an author. 

 Kyr Nivarre has devoted his life to the Core 7 Alliance despite the fact that the genetically engineered mate who had been destined solely for him had been taken from him. When he finds Wren, he knows instantly that she is the one he has been searching for, and he will do whatever is necessary to protect her and make her his.

Wren Marlow is suddenly thrust into the unusual situation of not being the crazy one. Her whole life she's seen and known things that she shouldn't have and all it had ever done was get her slapped with a bunch of labels by shrinks. Now, a gorgeous alien, calling himself a hybrid, tells her that not only is she not crazy, she's like him... that they were genetically engineered to be perfect for one another.

The threats are coming from all sides and all they can do is cling to one another. But can Wren really accept this life that seems so foreign to her and this man who claims to be her destiny? What will happen when Wren discovers that Kyr's former lovers are not women, but the very men he serves with?


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