Thursday, September 27, 2012

Read-a-Thon Challenge #3 Eve Langlais Scavenger Hunt

Challenge #3

This challenge has been dubbed Eve Langlais Scavenger Hunt. 

All that’s required of you to do is visit Eve’s site here:

Look all around the site there are lots of goodies there. But make sure to specifically look for the excerpt of Eve’s book Delicate Freak’n Flower and answer the following question in the comments section below:

What does Loup Garou’s translate to?

Easy peazy. Oh and Best part is! The winner of this challenge will receive the following prize:

Prize #12 Your choice between Eve Langlais' trilogies Alien Abduction or the FUC Bundle (ebooks) (INT)

Awesome prizes if you ask us and if the winner chooses the FUC Bundle they can join us, for some fun, for October’s book club (without having to worry about purchasing it themselves). Sweet!


Redd said...

Loup Garou - famously known as werewolf =)

Yep easy peasy. I wonder if counts considering I got the invite to join but wasn't sure if I could do the read-a-thon...

Anyway. I did visit Eve Langlais's page and had considered purchasing that book once upon a time.. XD

*waves* Hi Ava! Hi Danielle!

Becky said...

The Loup Garou translates to werewolf.

ReneAva said...

Hi Redd!
*Waving vigorously back :)

Kaylyn D. said...

It means werewolf! I love that book!

Carin said...

awesome book! Loup Garou= werewolf :O) Thanks Carin

Vanessa N. said...

It means werewolf. Thanks for the chance.

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

I've never read her but omg I love the titles of all of her books! I didn't realize she'd written so many. Loup Garou is werewolf.

Thanks :)

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...


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