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Review: "Brie Surrender's to His Will" by Red Phoenix

"Brie Surrender's to His Will"
Author: Red Phoenix
Series: Brie #8
Genre: Erotic, BDSM
Pages: ebook
Source: Self Purchased
Published: August 28, 2012 by Red Phoenix
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Goodreads Blurb:
The 5th week of submissive training proves challenging as Brie surrenders her will. She enjoys the thrill of objectification and the excitement of completing erotic tasks. With the end of the course around the corner, the trainers encourage Brie to dig deep. Marquis presents her with a scene she ended in the past, Tono displays the art of suspension, and Faelan releases Brie’s inner animal.

This bewitching novelette will wet your appetite for objectification, tease you with a little rope action, and have you panting for melted chocolate.

Extended Description:

The girls are quickly coming to the end of their submissive course, which means their trainers are becoming increasingly demanding. The pressure begins to tear at their friendship, but Brie is a determined little sub. She bravely faces Marquis’ challenging scene, revels in the joy of suspension with Tono, receives vindication from Master Coen, and learns a thing or two about respect from Ms. Clark. Brie’s attempt to bring her friends back together ends up getting them all in trouble, but the punishment draws Brie closer to the Dom who decreed it.

 Red is doing an amazing job on this very original submissive journey, and with Brie’s growth, experiences and discoveries. Red has kept the series going very strong and entertaining with her creativity and originality that she shares with us all. Anyone out there that enjoys BDSM or is curious about a submissive’s journey will enjoy this book. Actually you will enjoy the entire series!

Brie continues on towards the end of her educational submissive training and is still amazing me with her growth into the role as a submissive, her balance of everyday life and her ability to take things in stride. Brie gets quite a few new experiences this week and has found each one (shockingly) quite enjoyable. She’s learning much more about herself, the role of a submissive and how much she fits into it. She learns from others errors as well as from her own and I think very highly of a person that can do that. It takes smarts! That’s our Brie for you :)

 Where does her future lay? Who will she choose as her permanent Dom? I cannot wait to see who it will be and I know no matter who she decides to choose I will be surprised.

UGH! I cannot believe the next book is Brie’s last week in training. That brings us too close for comfort to the end. (I will say this multiple times, probably have before), I will miss the series immensely when it’s finished. Thankfully I can reread it as many times as my heart desires and Red has many other wonderful works out there :)

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